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Hi Guys, I am going to post this question in my original thread. I am still doing my research and haven't bought anything yet. I have now taken all of my high grade cards (67-68-69) and placed them into soft sleeves then back into the 4 screw slabs. I have also removed all my quality common cards from old 9 sheet pages and placed them into soft sleeves then into ultra pro top loaders.

I don't know whether to buy graded or ungraded cards at this point. For instance on Ebay I'm looking at a 1967 Juan Pizarro and a good looking non graded NM+ is selling for $49 dollars and PSA8 's are available for around $100-109 dollars. I guess I have to make the decision of what to do here. The grading I suspect will make the card easier to sell in the future, as the non graded card will always be subject to no one agreeing on the exact condition of a card. So for approx $50 bucks more I can get the card that is graded in the same condition. This difference is going to add up significantly over many cards however. Do you think non-graded cards in those years will be really frowned upon in lets say ten years? Opinions please.

Have any of you bought cards from a dealer on Ebay and then returned them within the return time frame because once you see the card in your hand it wasn't as you thought it looked online????

Thanks for replies
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