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Originally Posted by ALR-bishop View Post
I have never had a carded graded. Too old to start now

One of my collecting parameters was to try for anything and everything the SCD Standard Catalog listed for Topps baseball through 1994, when the proliferation of product did me in going forward. That included all inserts and test issues, issued or not.

The new Catalogs now only list through 1980 so I have held onto the last complete one, I think from 2011
I hear you. I've never sent any of my stuff off for grading. I've bought some Maddux cards that were graded, but typically I wouldn't have cared. The only stuff that I set out to buy in graded slabs were my 1987 & 1988 Cubs Canon Maddux team issues, his '91 Desert Shield Topps, his '97 Mirror Black and my Frank Thomas NNOF. Beyond that I'm mostly a binder guy.

I also had to limit my collecting parameters. I don't collect anything of Maddux outside of his playing years, and past '93/94 I'm very limited on what I collect beyond Oddball and Regional and Venezuelans. The only modern cards that I collect beyond that are for my Hall of Fame Binder (one example of each player/manager/executive/ump etc.), which is made up of mostly autographs, vintage, RCs, game used (if it's thin enough) or sketch cards (if they are too obscure). I've found it to be a great way to keep myself going insane from trying to collect everything known to man. Just whoever gets in that year.

What's your toughest card or set that's been dodging you???
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