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We haven't forgotten anything. The guy used a substance to try and heal a bum calf muscle that had plagued him almost his entire MVP season. Was it the same as taking a steroid to make him bigger and stronger like Bonds? Hell, no. Was it still wrong that he did it? Hell, yes. But, the guy paid his due to the game, and made amends with the collector. What f#&^g more do you want?

And please don't make idiotic comments about an entire fan base, the overwhelming majority of which you'e never met, let alone spoken to. That really chaps my hide.

As for Braun, he's a fantastic hitter. He's about as sound a hitter, mechanically, as there is in the game today. You don't play 11 seasons, and have a .304 career average, an MVP, an MVP runner up, and another MVP third place finish, and five career Silver Sluggers, unless you're an incredible talent. I could shoot steroids every day of the week, and I wouldn't hit .200 in the bigs.

Braun screwed up, but to crap all over his entire career because of one mistake is ridiculous. You need to let it go.

Originally Posted by clydepepper View Post
Okay...with new of an unbelievable FOURTH 'Random' drug test, it is officially reached Witch Hunt status!

Why hasn't the Players' Union stepped in?

They need to assume that Ryan Braun may be as 'random' as they guy he hits behind.

I hate it when that arrogant bastard holds up his right arm to the umpire until he is absolutely prepared for the next pitch...Jeter used to do that a lot. Hated it then - hate in now.

Milwaukee's fan base shows how desperate they are when they forgave (and evidently forgot) his blatant and over-the-tops lies a few years ago.

Again, which of HIS stats are real and which are tainted?

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