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Originally Posted by Slinger View Post
With the cracking issues that I am reading about in another thread, I am not sure that I want to get involved with that set. Which is a bummer. It meets my wants/needs in a set.
I have personally discussed this a bunch of times over the years, but it seems the cracking of the Kellogg's cards is mainly an east coast (and I'm sure other areas) problem. Since being in Cali, with the dry heat and virtual lack of humidity, it seems to be a whole different ballgame. No crackage/bending in any of the 3-D cards I see at shows. Keep your eyes open at shops or card shows and see if the same thing is true for you down there in SoCal. You might feel like diving back in. Of course, don't risk buying any cards that are coming from the eastern seaboard.
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