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Originally Posted by G1911 View Post
Should have included above. Johnson side view was is used in series 1 with only 3 of the 4 back types. It appears to have replaced HJ Handy, who was not issued with Hassan backs, though I can find no reason as to why he would be pulled. Johnson (side view) was then again issued with series 2, although it is not found with a Tolstoi back for some reason. Handy is a significant short print, though it seems to have no affect on his value

This Johnson cardís anomalous printing pattern (and that all series 2 cards were printed with a series 1 Hassan 30 back) threw me off for years when trying to checklist the Master Set so I knew what exactly I was looking for. Even accounting for its late addition in series 1 and subsequent series 2 printing, it should exist with backs that it clearly does not, though it sure explains why the card is so commonly found. The image was reversed to face the other direction on series 2 printed cards.

There are 638 or 639 cards depending on whether the Cloughen error exists with a Mecca 30 reverse. The only other card I have not seen is the Gillis error with a factory 30 back, but another poster has said they own, so it appears there is at least 1 of it. A master boxing-only set is 285 cards, which I feel confident is the final number. I suppose a Johnson (side view) Tolstoi could surface, but I think that would be surprising.
Thanks, again for the additional information. I think what you have given me, and the others I have plenty to think about and research what I need. And I am sure if not, that I can ask you guys for help!
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