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As my board name suggests, I am a huge fan of Minnesota sports, especially the college team. I was born in 1970 to a couple big fans, it was passed down to me. I also like all of the professional teams in this state. Here is a list of what these teams have done for me in my 48 years on this earth. I'll start with basketball first since it is my favorite sport and paid for my college.

Gopher Basketball: 1982-Made the sweet Sixteen and lost by 6 to Louisville.
1989- Sweet Sixteen where they were blown out by Duke.
1990-Lost in the Elite Eight when Kevin Lynch missed a game winning 3-pointer to beat Georgia Tech.
1997-This was my year. We were great, dominant even. We won everywhere and beat everyone. We made the Final Four. I sat in the third row with one of my best friends. We lost to Kentucky after having a second half lead. So disappointing. And then, all game were vacated. Academic cheating scandal. We don't even have a banner. Screw Clem Haskins.

Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball: 1989-Came into existence. Drafted Pooh Richardson as their first ever draft pick (so dumb). I wanted Tim Hardaway, he was super fun to watch in college. Pooh Richardson? Boring. They have a grand total of one playoff run to the Conference finals in 29 years. One. They have a ton of bad draft picks, bad trades (Butler anyone?) bad coaches. Horrible franchise.

Gopher Football: One of the dominant teams in the country from the beginning of the 20th century until about 2 years before I was born. Since then, a string of bad teams. We haven't even won the damn Big Ten conference since before I was born. 48 years. And this will be year 49 without winning it. We have lost to our biggest rival in Wisconsin 14 straight times. P.J. Fleck seems to be a good coach, and a great recruiter. I hope that he works out.

Vikings Football: Plenty of great teams, zero Super Bowls. Enough said.

North Stars/Wild Hockey: Zero Stanley Cups. I'm not much of a hockey fan, so this doesn't bother me too much.

Minnesota Twins Baseball: Our lone bright spot. World Series Champions in both 1987 and 1991. We had a run of playoff appearances (one and done) in the 2000's. We have over 100 losses plenty of times in recent years. Our best player since Kirby Puckett just retired because of concussion issues. Our best prospects in San and Buxton seem to have a ton of trouble figuring things out at the major league level. Our owners suck. They told us we can't compete unless we have a top notch stadium. I asked at the time why they can't pay for it themselves. No owner does that anymore. Since the stadium was built we have other the worst or second worst winning percentage in the majors. Sickening.

TLDR: The Twins have to World Series titles, nobody else has done anything.

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