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Originally Posted by perezfan View Post
The Silver Bat situation was truly perplexing. The first one (from 1967) sells for $420K + the Juice. Then the second one (from 1964, and arguably more desirable) sells for $260K + the Juice.

The only scenario that makes a hint of sense is that the Winner of the 1967 Bat was dead-set on winning one of the two. Not knowing what the true market value really is, he was going to outbid everyone at all costs, to ensure that he got one.

Then (with that fellow out of the way) the under-bidder on the 1967 Bat had a far easier run at the 1964 Bat. So I'm guessing the winner of the '64 Bat must have been solely responsible for pushing up the price so high on the first (1967) Bat. I bet he was willing to go lots higher on the lot he won, and was thrilled to get the '64 Bat for the $260K.

Huge bummer for the winner of the 1967 Bat.... as he paid $180,000 more (along with the increased BP). Although, with that kind of cash to spend, perhaps he didn't even feel it.

I agree it is the scenario that makes the most sense - Someone did highlight that 1967 was the year Clemente batted .357 - his career high and could be for that reason considered more desirable than the rest - I seriously question 200k more desirable though.

Haven't seen many other posts of winnings here - anyone else here get a piece of the auction?
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