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Default test

Net54baseball Contest (1) August 2017 $57.77 prize + Bonus- - Ending Tonight 8/9/17!
The winner of this Net54baseball Contest (1) August 2017, will win $57.77 !!
The winner will be the member who guesses the closest to the highest ending priced card of the 3 auctions ending below. YOU MUST NAME THE PLAYER (CARD) YOU ARE CHOOSING TO BE HIGHEST ALONG WITH THE AMOUNT IN ORDER FOR YOUR GUESS TO COUNT.

There is one edit allowed per guess but only one post per member. All guesses and edits must be done by Today, 8/9/2017, 9:45 PM CST in this thread.

A post or edit marked 9:46pm CST, or later is disqualified. In the unlikely event of a tie the first guess wins. (can't believe this actually happened )
Bonus**If one of the first 3 posters with guesses wins they will get an additional $37.77 but there canít be an edit in those posts to claim the Bonus.

Leon Luckey
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