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Originally Posted by kvnkvnkvn View Post

... You guys can think what you want. But, if the only source of your information is coming from mainstream media outlets, including the web, newspapers and television, you are being misinformed immensely. The mainstream media cannot be trusted. That is a fact.
I don't agree with many opinions in this thread, many I do, I just don't know that I want to argue them here, but I strongly agree with this quoted part.

Corporations want to lead you by the nose, and media is just another product and method to increase the bottom line. There was a Fairness Doctrine, but it's time probably passed with the decline of the dominance of broadcast TV.

It takes an effort to be informed in a pluralistic democracy such as we have in today's world. Now there seems to a problem of filtering, rather than availability of news and opinion.

I recommend Free Speech TV (FSTV). Because I like diversity I wish it was bit more influential and larger as most have never heard of it.

Even PBS is somewhat influenced by big money (Koch Bros.) Read Dark Money by Jane Mayer for more on that if desired (another tangent).

And I live and breathe college and pro football, old and new (I liked ESPN Classic Sport's old grainy tape of muddy fields and old building of the sixties even) Who can forget John Facenda's voice, for example?

Netflix for me has been for summer after basketball, and before football starts.
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