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Originally Posted by Ulidia View Post
Apologies for delay as only got round to fully sorting through photos of my most recent trip today.

I did not buy any items relating to Di Stefanie or Puskas. However, I spent quite a lot of time at the Bernabeu Stadium museum. Interestingly, there isnít too much relating to Puskas on display but there is, of course, of Di Stefano and other Real Madrid greats through the years such as Gento of the same era and Juanito, the idol of the 1970s and 1980s.

Below are pictures I took of two items on display - an early Di Stefano identity card and, more importantly, his first ever contract entered into with Real Madrid in 1953. In football / soccer terms, I cannot instinctively think of a more important player contract given both his impact on Real Madridís position in European and World football and, also, the political controversy of this contract given he had initially signed for Barcelona until intervention by the Franco-led Spanish Government ultimately saw him go to Real instead.


Those items are amazing!!
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