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Originally Posted by the 'stache View Post
John, I'd have to disagree with the bolded portion of your quote. All my guy friends, save for one, are football fans, and I think most all of them at least know some of the more famous names of the pre-Super Bowl era.

I pulled up a list of the greatest players of the pre-Super Bowl era I found on Bleacher Report, listed by decade, and I know a majority of them. The ones I've bolded, I've at least heard of.

The 1920s

1. Red Grange
2. Jim Thorpe
3. Ernie Nevers

4. Paddy Driscoll
5. George Trafton
6. Mike Michalske
7. Cal Hubbard
8. Pete Henry
Ironically, Cal Hubbard is in the baseball HOF as an umpire.

HOF "Earliest" Collection (Ideal - Indiv): 195/325 (60.0%)
1911 T332 Helmar Stamps.................: 178/180 (98.9%)
1914 T330-2 Piedmont Art Stamps......: 109/119 (91.6%)
1923 V100 Willard's Chocolate............: 113/180 (62.8%)

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