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I'll make a few comments..

The final price for the Kopec Johnson didn't surprise me at all. Great looking card and only a few known. First complete Kopec Johnson I've seen publicly offered since I've been collecting.

There are a few mainstream issues(where complete sets could or do exist) where there are less than 5 copies known to exist(to my knowledge). Here are the ones I can think of:

1908 T226 Red Sun
1909/10 e79 Red Back
1910 Kopec
1910 T219 Red Cross
1910 e78
T9 Turkey Red no Ad back

Of course there are others where only 1-2 are known like the e125 or New England Confectionery flip card but I don't consider those mainstream(personnel choice).

In the end, its a great card and congrats to the winner.

Congrats to the T9 no Ad back winner also as I know of only 3 of those to exist. ;-)
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