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What are the size dimensions?

I'm not generally familiar with Packers sets, but if I had to guess on this one, they look like team-issued photos to me.

Many of the teams issued their own photo sets of players.

They are not well-documented, but Beckett does have various years listed for Packers Team Issue photo sets. Just keep in mind that Beckett's listings for team-issued photos is not comprehensive.

Cataloging them can be a bit of a challenge because sometimes teams would re-use a photo of a player across multiple years, or change the dimensions (7x9, 8x10, 5x7) or even the paper stock, so it's hard to isolate the exact year.

I personally really love team-issue photos because they're generally not terribly expensive, present a nice collecting challenge because they don't come up often and are not well cataloged. Team Issue sets also often represent the entire roster, so it's a nice way to collect items of less popular players that never made it onto a main issue football card.
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