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Originally Posted by Rookiemonster View Post
Yup, this is it. Iíve just recently ( about two years ago) tried to play. Iíve bought a few auto rookies mostly of a guy named Matt Chapman. He plays third base for the Aís. I like him and think he has potential. He just recently when in a slump but was hot at the start of the year. Is defense is outstanding.

A few years back I bought a rookie of a kid named Cody Bellenger. I got his elite rookie for 3 bucks I sold it last year for 275 dollars. I felt like I won the lotto.
I also purchased an auto of him last year after seeing him have a heck of a game against a great pitcher. I believe he went 3 for 3 or 4 for 4 including a game winning homerun.
I liked what I seen and even though I don't normally purchase "modern" I thought, for the very affordable price, I'd purchase one of his cards for the heck of it.
I haven't followed him at all this year but I think long term, he is going to be a great player?
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