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I picked up a small card collection about 3.5 years ago from a craigs list ad. Decided I would try and do some selling on Ebay. While most of the cards were mid-grade it did have a very nice looking 1970 Roberto Clemente. I ended up selling it on Ebay for 99.00 and it was one of my first sales so I was pretty pumped. Then I get the dreaded return notice on the card. The buyer said it was trimmed so I let it go at that.

Fast forward a few months later and I decided to submit it for grading. I was pretty sure it would come back as evidence of trimming and much to my surprise it came back a PSA 9!!! Never so happy to have a return on Ebay after I got those results. The reason I submitted was I compared to other 70's cards I had and it was same size and everything look good to my novice eyes.
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