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Default Photo ID using Google Picasa program

Anybody ever tried using Google's Picasa program (a free download) to identify photos of unknown players by way of the built-in facial recognition feature?

I've played around with it some, though not as much as I would like due to limited time. It doesn't always work, but if you "tag" enough photos (that is the big time-consuming step), it's pretty remarkable what it can pick up sometimes. Still doesn't beat a good eye for faces (which I apparently don't possess), but it can make suggestions sometimes that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

The big drawback is you have to have correctly tagged a good front-on photo of the player's face to get a good ID on other photos of that player. And naturally it can't suggest an ID if you've never tagged a photo of that player previously. So theoretically, for it to work optimally, you should have tagged every player at least once, preferably in several photos, and be sure of those ID's (presumably incorrect tagging would throw it off).

I just wish there were some way to "export" all of your tags so that they could be combined with others' (if there is a way, let me know, but I haven't found it yet) as that would allow multiple users to combine their information and greatly reduce all the necessary time tagging all those photos.

Probably still easier to just post an unidentified pic here But I'm just wondering if anyone else has given it a look?
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