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Default Print Variants

I am at the stage where I wish I had limited myself to collecting variations recognized by some combination of SCD, Becketts or the Registry master lists. Of course ,once recognized they get instantly expensive unless you foresaw something you felt would get recognized later. The 61 Fairly cured me of that notion.

Some print defects I think may be unique, and therefore very rare, but, for that reason, not very collectible ( not enough of them to get hobby into them). Other print defects may be recurring but not very notable.

This Yount variant is recurring, but not very interesting ( to me)

This King variant is, to me, interesting, but apparently too scarce to be very collectible. At one time it was listed in SCD, but I think it was removed in later editions due to the fact it was viewed as mostly non recurring, or maybe not recurring enough

One of the reasons I enjoy this forum so much is that there are so many other variant collectors, like Darren, Ben, Doug and Joe here

That Frisella is cool Darren

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