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Originally Posted by Bestdj777 View Post
It's one of the disgusting byproducts of the graded card market. People have chopped up Transogram boxes like crazy to stick a card in a stupid holder. There is only a finite supply and it's so disappointing and short sighted. I'm all for trimming a rough cut but leave a full box intact please.
I don't like idea of breaking up boxes for singles, either. Have a few nice milk duds and bazooka full boxes as well.

Mainly I was just trying to understand timing; sounds like there are hoards of boxes still extant getting sliced up by people today for PSA singles. I guess in that sense, it's somewhat like cutting up sheets or opening sealed wax packs, for the chance to get a high-grade single.

Regarding the other comment about panels and singles, I would have thought full panels (when PSA'd) are more rare and worth more than individuals, e.g., a PSA 9 panel with Mays plus 2 other guys, vs. just a PSA 9 of a single Mays.
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