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I apparently take a different view than most comments here, and in response to the various references to "original form", the fact is that they were meant to be cut out and separated by the original owner. To me, keeping them in panel form is actually sort of an odd happenstance of the hobby. Logically it would seem to make most sense to either preserve the whole box in tact, or cut into singles the way they were meant to be used, as individual cards. However, I recognize the charm of the panel and will collect them both ways.

I would point out though that PSA carries much of the blame for the concern in this thread, for its insistence in making the singles and panels as separate items in a master set. I have always felt a more sensible decision would be to treat it as an either/or, as in either you own the panel or you own the single and both could count as possessing the item, but since the set requires both "versions" as distinct items, they are forcing a demand to keep up a supply of singles as well as panels.

(you might guess my contempt for even referring to them as "versions", since they aren't different versions of a card, it's the same f-ing card, just because a panel has it still attached to its neighbor doesn't make it a different issue, and to me the master set should be all the different issues of a player, not every conceivable manner it which the same issue may have been preserved)
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