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Originally Posted by JollyElm View Post
Without question, every single blue-backgrounded pic/scan you've shown gives the illusion of much sharper corners and edges. 'Rounded' areas appear to be 'sharp' areas. It is unmistakeable and it is her constant M.O.! And her pics/scans are purposely a bit fuzzy to increase this impression. Your pics and scans are sharp. Why in heck aren't hers??? Because it's another tool in her arsenal of BS. She's as dishonest as it gets.
I agree 100%. Every card has had some sort of work/enhancement done to it, but if you are happy with the cards you plan on keeping, Chris, then that is your call/choice.

I'd just be sure first you couldn't get better ones for the same money you paid for hers?

I appreciate you posting up the pics/scans comparing her scans with your's. Those just reiterate that I'll never purchase anything from her, ever.
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