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Hi John. Yes, I have this set. They were distributed in Kellogg's Pep cereal, a competitor to Wheaties that was discontinued in the 70's. They are part of a much larger multi-sport set but there are only 5 football cards. This wasn't the first time Pep put football "cards" in their cereal boxes as they also distributed the 1937 Kellogg's Pep Sports Stamps that includes 18 football players.

The reverse image has been around and known about for a long time as a variation so that's not something that recently appeared.

A couple interesting notes about these cards:

1. The set includes a pre-rookie card of Lou Groza. If you're doing a run of pre-rookie cards, you need this one

2. Groza and Norm Standlee are AAFC cards! There are not a lot of football cards of players created while they were playing in the AAFC.

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