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Originally Posted by irv View Post
Any thoughts on the above posted links and how they finished?

Is the Mays higher/lower than previous sales, is the Runnels a new high, and what's everyone's thoughts on how the Mantle finished?

Personally, I don't recall seeing some of the prices that were realized with some of lowered numbered 52 Topps cards, but maybe I haven't been around long enough?
The Mays sold for $235K, about $100k under the average. This same card/same cert, was bought on Heritage for $382K seven months ago. Ouch, someone took it on the chin here. Although at Heritage it's entirely legal to shill and retract bids, so I would personally never use their sales data.

In full disclosure, I love this card. Possibly my favorite card of all time, with his '53 a close second.
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