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Default investments...

As a tax guy, I see a lot of different investment transactions - Government bonds, basic interest accounts at the bank, speculative stocks, blue chip stocks, high dividend yielding mutual funds, single family rentals, small businesses, etc.

Cards are investments, not mainline, but they are investments. Tough to imagine that anybody thinks, gee, I am buying cards, but have no hopes of them ever increasing in value.

Be smart and don't build your entire portfolio around them. However, if done right, they can be investments that DO yield a positive rate of return. I have accumulated pre-war cards of major HOF'ers mostly in PSA 5 and 6 grades: T206's of Cobb, Matty, Walter Johnson and Cy Young. 1920's Exhibits of Ruth and Gehrig. A Satchell Paige here, a Jimmie Foxx there, A very nice PSA 8 run of Hank Aaron's, and similar type stuff.

The long term result (10 year hold plus) has seen some nice price appreciation. I am glad I have them built into my portfolio as investments. Just my 2 cents.

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