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Originally Posted by 100backstroke View Post

Cards are investments, not mainline, but they are investments. Tough to imagine that anybody thinks, gee, I am buying cards, but have no hopes of them ever increasing in value.

The long term result (10 year hold plus) has seen some nice price appreciation. I am glad I have them built into my portfolio as investments. Just my 2 cents.
I have been doing this (for the most part) 30+ years.

Appreciation is only guaranteed in my eyes, not in value.

I went through many phases of my collection crashing after booms like we have seen in the past few years, ask the 90s guys. If I don't lean on a hope that demand outpaces supply and just enjoy myself I will not be disappointed.

If your window is only the last 10 years, then yes you have been in a phase of appreciation. How long the PSA love lasts with outside investors depends on a reputation with a constantly eroding base.

Just enjoy the collection and if something good happens value wise, enjoy that too.
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