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Originally Posted by Peter_Spaeth View Post
You're all over the map. First you say he wants to be on a mediocre team so he can stand out, then you say he took the easy way out to be on a great team. He can't win with you. Saying he lacks the intelligence to be the best is contrary to the near-universal assessment of him -- it's his greatest attribute. He has a prodigious memory and understanding of the game. And I just don't know what games you watch if you think he lacks mental toughness.
Look, we're going to agree to disagree on LeBron. It is what it is. You and many other people think he's the greatest of all time. I think he's one of the best, but has fallen short of his full potential. You also think he has a high basketball IQ. I think his business acumen is higher than his basketball IQ, hence the state of the NBA right now.
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