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Originally Posted by samosa4u View Post
What's so horrible about it, dude? He took a garbage team to the Finals four times in a row! You shouldn't be complaining about him having too much power in the Cavs organization because he definitely knows what he is doing.

He has been shooting a lot from behind the arc during this series, but he has to! When you have Curry, Thompson and Durant making 3 pointers non-stop, then you gotta' try and match that. And it's not as if LeBron has been doing a bad job at it. Furthermore, if he keeps driving to the basket all the time, then he is going to risk getting hurt. Look what GSW did to the poor man's eye.
Calling the Cavs a garbage team while saying LeBron has a lot of power in the Cavs organization and knows what he's doing is quite contradictory.

Trying to match the Warriors 3-for-3 isn't how you beat them. The Rockets nearly knocked them out in Game 7 by chipping away 2-by-2 with a high-intensity effort. Had they not gone stone cold (missed, what, 26 or so 3s in a row?), they would have won. Nobody can match the Warriors when they're even semi-on, let alone locked & loaded. It takes effort from all other aspects to beat them. And he might get hurt? Boo hoo. Don't play basketball then. He is physically superior to everyone in the NBA. Not driving out of fear of getting hurt is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Peter_Spaeth View Post
I have no doubt that Curry is a fine young man, but his on court demeanor is unbelievably obnoxious IMO.
100000000% agree about his on-court demeanor. What a putz.

Originally Posted by D. Bergin View Post
.....but is there a bigger whiner in the game? Nearly every single play he doesn't convert on something, he's running down the court (or walking) whining to the referees.
No, and it adds to the list of reasons I'm not a fan of LeBron.
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