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Default Seeking a Bit of Basketball Purchasing Advice...

I am negotiating with a seller regarding a 1961 Fleer Wilt Chamberlain In Action card, which is basically the uglier of his twin rookie cards in that set (yes, weak analogy) and I'm looking for insight into what you would pay for it. It's a PSA 7 in the new slab (definitely fitting the 7 criteria visually) and the centering is a bit off. Not deserving an OC qualifier, but it's evident.

I have checked current ebay ask prices and looked at past auction prices - where a quick glance shows there is a bit of a disparity, as it seems the card has definitely trended a bit upwards in the last year or so - so I certainly know what they are going for in general. My point being that this card really is a semi-Wilt Chamberlain RC, so I feel it is a preeminent card. Does it hold that kind of stature in the basketball card world??

Any basketball card collectors want to tell me what price range you would be comfortable with? I have some CC points I can use to knock it down just a bit, but not enough to make it a definite go. This is clearly just a wide open question and you aren't seeing said card, so please avoid the usual tropes like "offer what you can afford" and all of that obvious nonsense. Just looking for people shooting from the hip, telling me what would be a 'good' price in your mind, saying, "I'd definitely jump at it if I could get it for XXX dollars."

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