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Old 08-30-2018, 10:49 AM
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Mike M.
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Originally Posted by argpdt View Post
I am a huge fan of this set too. I am working on the first 24 and I think I have 15 now. I have also had the experience where the buy it now prices are way too high to tempt me, but every so often I try to win an auction when they come up. I have some graded and some ungraded. In graded I look for nice 2s and 3s. Next month I was planning to post on Net54 to see if I can acquire any of the cards that I need.

Has anyone found any reasonably priced sources for these outside of ebay? I try to stay in the $35-65 range, to stay within my card budget.
I am also noticing that the supply on nice (relative for the grade) psa 2-4ís seems to be drying up. Iím looking for just a couple of cards and they are either double what I would expect to pay, out of focus, super off center or some combination of the above 3. It has been a good six months since Iíve been able to make an addition, and I paid more than I wanted too even using those great eBay promotions that have been running lately.

Even the ones that are auctions are selling at strong prices, I may just need to adjust my expectations on what Iím going to pay. It seems that prices are strong for all cards in general and that people are figuring out its worth it to pay for eye appeal. Itís kind of surprising that it took this long for people to realize that actually. Good luck with your hunt.

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Old 08-30-2018, 01:13 PM
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I just received a copy of Gridiron Greats #25, and can't wait to check it out. I have no desire to try to complete the set, but would like to add the Steelers (oops, Pirates) to my collection.
The information and knowledge that can be found on this site is incredible!
Always collecting Pirates from the early 1900's thru the early 70's, and any Steelers items that catch my eye.

Completed - 1967 Topps Baseball
Working on - 1972 Topps Football

Also looking for a 1970's Spalding Advisory Staff photo of Richie Hebner.

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Old 08-30-2018, 02:18 PM
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Josh Adams
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Originally Posted by TanksAndSpartans View Post
The best article I've read on the Chicles from a collecting perspective is Doug Spanning's article in Gridiron Greats, Vol. 8, Issue No. 25, 2009. It can be purchased via back order which is what I did since I wasn't a subscriber back then. Speaking of GG, I believe it was John Spano who did a 3-part series focused on player bios (this was more of a pro football history approach, but of course mentioned aspects of the set), and finally Jeff did a Chicle a Day thread:


I still reference all of these resources to this day.

I can only speak to mid-grade collecting and I'm bad with dates, but around 4-6 years ago, I was picking them off in eBay auctions rather easily and building my set that way, but I noticed something odd that started a couple years ago. Auction prices realized started declining - not dramatically, but 10 dollars or so i.e. a nice PSA 4 low number may only hit around 60 in an auction rather than 70-80 just as an example. The response seemed to be no more auctions. Now I mostly just see BINs on eBay and having watched the auctions closely for several years, I rarely see a card at a BIN price that's tempting.

In terms of your specific questions on rarity i.e. ratio of low numbered cards to high number - 4:1???, print runs etc. Some of those questions I believe are unknowns, but the guys at MSB sports cards/BST auctions post here sometimes and they have some good data available and also post some chicles for sale - I think 4 or 5 of mine are from them.

One interesting thing I think Doug helped uncover is that it was probably believed the first 24 cards were issued and then the rarer group of 12 high numbers, but it actually looks like all 36 were printed in that second run (a reprinting of the first 24) - the details are in the article. And everyone always asks why there weren't more given what it says on the backs and the responses usually vary, but some think the cards simply weren't popular enough. Personally, given the number of players in the NFL, I suspect the number on the back was just an error. Had things been going well, I could see them issuing another 12 or something, but I don't think they had the knowledge to issue 200+ cards as a letter sold at auction recently showing they were relying on the teams to provide info and photos of their players.

When I started the set, Jeff was a big help answering my questions and posts often, so maybe he'll jump in too.

Hope this helps!
John Spano is probably the foremost Chicle expert on here. His article, which you mentioned is fantastic. If anybody knows the answer about printing sheets, it's him.
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Old 09-28-2018, 09:27 PM
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Jeff P
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A new Chicle letter is in the recent BST Auction. Check it out!

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