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Old 09-18-2016, 12:36 AM
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Default Big 1916 NYC Plaque P/U...

 photo 1916 NY Rowing Plaque_zps9oapuyrt.jpg

Picked up this 23" x 20" plaque today...shot an offer late last night...they countered a little over my offer...Apparently there is a small part missing above the illustration...which bugged me...but the more I considered's from the Big Apple...and I've never come across anything like it from there ...Looks a little like Gorham's work...once in hand I'll look for the markings...but bottom line has all the stuff I like in a trophy...awarded and engraved...has exact date!...names the crew members...great wood backing...AND...killer engraved illustration...I can't recall such a detailed engraved scene on a plaque...30 years of looking for this stuff and you know when it's a go...a little imperfection or not...Essentially the stuff's so rare you have to be forgiving sometimes...It's not like mainstream memorabilia where you can wait for one in better condition...since you'll likely never see another...I don't see any dried residue in the crevasses so I don't think they tried to polish it...that's a good thing...

 photo s-l1600 3_zps6i8f7whn.jpg

 photo close 1_zps8vny86me.png

 photo Names_zpsnjqiysv6.png

 photo Chicago Daily News_zpswwqowftr.png
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Old 09-18-2016, 08:50 AM
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R.J. Hinners
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Very nice, Carlton.

You certainly have a knack for uncovering gems!
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Old 09-18-2016, 10:44 PM
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Default Interesting

Thanks R.J...

Turns out this plaque has an interesting history...The website has a very good history page which gives how the New York Rowing Association was formed and how it apparently became the umbrella association of all rowing in the New York City area from 1914... encompassing 25 rowing clubs around NYC...

..."On March 2, 1914 following several years of discussion, the Association and the other local rowing associations (Hudson River Regatta Association, New York Bay and Long Island Association) as well as the independent rowing clubs in northern New Jersey merged with the Association and it adopted its current name "New York Rowing Association". This movement towards consolidation was lead by James Pilkington (President of National Association of Amateur Oarsmen, today known as the U.S.R.A.), James Miller (New York Athletic Club), and Richard Sturcke (Woodcliff Boat Club). Over 25 rowing clubs constituted the original membership and each club was placed into one of three divisions (Harlem, Hudson and New Jersey). The merged local associations then "turned over any trophies, cups, and prizes held by them for competition" to the Association which continued to host regattas under the terms of the original donors." History Page

It's likely two years later in 1916 there would have still been at least 25 clubs that participated in the regatta my plaque is sounds like there may have been a good amount of competition for the Intermediate Four Gig race...
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Old 09-19-2016, 08:09 AM
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Right up your artery, Carlton!
if you can help with SF Giants items (no cards), let me send you my wantlist!
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