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Old 07-14-2014, 06:59 PM
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Default Need a list of the black and white 47-66 Exhibit variations

I am trying to put together some information for a deal and I need to figure out which cards would have black and white variations. The ones I can ID so far:

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Old 07-14-2014, 08:16 PM
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Default B&W Exhibits


I have been working on a master Exhibit card set of the 47-66 for quite sometime. I do not have a list of the cards that come in B&W, but I can tell you which ones I do not have from 47 to 61. MOST of them do come in B&W.

I break my sets down pretty much the way Elwood Schraf did years ago. Instead of lumping them into one group, I go by the Made In USA, Printed in USA etc. at the bottom of the cards, or other distinctive features like Typescript names for instance.

So, to partially answer your question I have all the cards NOT listed below in B&W. If you or anyone else can confirm the existance of any of the ones listed below please let me know, as I do not believe many of them were indeed issued in B&W especially the ones from AN EXHIBIT CARD set. I have never seen the 16 cards in that set listed below in B&W and 16 is exactly half or a quarter of a "normal' Exhibit set of 32 or 64.

The 62 Stat back set with red backs are ALL B&W, while the 62 stat back with black backs are all sepia.

I am just getting started in the 63's were I have just discovered at least three and perhaps four different tints for that year, with B&W being one of them. There is also a decidedly reddish/pinkish tone and a reddish/sepia.

I have not researched the 64 to 66 yet. Nor am I commenting on the 1955 Postcard back set nor my 1959 Dad's Cookies Exhibit set as they are not considered part of the 47 -66 set, but if you want me to be specific on them let me know.

Hope this info helps you with your trade. LMK if you have any specific questions I am glad to help. Maybe we can meet in Cleveland and have an Exhibit discussion with others like Tom B. Scott Mt. Joy joining us. Scott are you going to the National?



MADE IN U.S.A. UPPER CASE LR: Beggs, Blackwell, Boudreau top of bat visible, Boudreau bat top out of picture Brecheen, Case, Casey, Chandler, Mort Cooper, Walker Cooper WITH MADE IN U.S.A, Curtwright, Dickson, J. DiMaggio, Dobson, Doerr, Edwards, Fain 3 showing, Furillo, Galan, Gordon Cleveland, Orval Grove, Gustine Pirates, Haas, Higbe, Holmes YT, Hopp, Hughson, Hutchinson, Johnson, Judnick, Keltner, Kolloway, Kurowski, Lake, Lewis, Lindell, Lowrey Large projection, Marshall, Mayo, Albert Mele, McCaskey, McCosky, Northey, Page, Philly, Schoendiest two feet, Sewell, Stanky throwing, Spence, Thomson, Verban, Vernon throwing, Voiselle, Wakefield, Harry Walker, Dixie Walker w/D blanked out, Williams SY, Wright



Made in U.S.A. Lower Case: Groth, Mantle first name outlined in white,

TYPESCRIPT SET: Atwell, Batts, Baumholtz, Bilko, Greengrass, Gromek, Hermanski, Mele, Schmitz, Seminick, Stephens, Waitkus

Printed in U.S.A.: Richie Ashburn Phillies, Carrasquel plain cap, Cerv w/A on cap, Dark Cubs, portrait, Donovan Blank cap, Ennis, Jensen, Klaus, Kluzewski with P on cap, Long w/ Cubs, Pafko plain uniform, Sawatski w/Phillies, Score Indians, Sievers Senators Lt. Bkgd, Zernial dark signature.

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