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Old 11-29-2015, 06:53 PM
minibatsman minibatsman is offline
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Default minibats

I do not claim to be an expert I just have put my main focus on Minibats you cant collect everything?. I would greatly appreciate anyone that would ask or care to listen to my opinion on these bats to post it on my main page . It is important to me that anyone that cares to be able to agree or disagree with the conversations made on this subject .
There are people on this site that have so much knowledge it would be in both parties best interest to here there opinions. There is so much not known about these bats there opinions are needed .
Thank you Bobby
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Old 11-30-2015, 09:12 PM
minibatsman minibatsman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2014
Posts: 201
Default Hank Gowdey 17.5 -.-mini decal bat 1911-16

The value is what you paid for it or what someone would pay you for it. I am comfortable in saying its one of a kind. I want a photo of it. if I have my way I will add a zero to the cost of them there worth it.

There is so much confusion about these bats as to were and when a person could get one in the early 1900s. I have spent 30 years trying to figure them out. 1914 was an important year for the federal league.
The Collins decal bat I was convinced it was from the 1914 federal league championship because he was there. and the bat said so no brainer right.

But then you tell me you have the same bat with Hank Gowdy on it.
Was the bat there why would it be there did he consider the federal league the year before when he only played 3 games in 1913?.an all star his entire career the federal league was paying more.

major auction houses claim these bats to be salesman samples. I believe the existence of the Collins and your bat. could help show others that they were available for purchase from vendors also.

The Gowdy Bat he was not there in 1914. he was having a good year playing for the red sox and played in the 1914 world series.
I do believe the decals were a one time purchase from Palm & Fetcheler ?.
I also believe they were mainly sold in the final years between the transformation from H&S to H&B both bats exist with the same decals.
This is not a fact just my opinion.
This bat is very interesting to me . I look forward to hearing back from you and send it to my main page others need to no about your bat it is as important to me as it is to you.
thanks bobby
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