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Old 07-25-2017, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by PowderedH2O View Post
Having seen Mario Lemieux play in person at least 50 times, I can say that Crosby learned from the best. Lemieux was a big, bruising player that I saw deliver crushing shots and many dirty hits. But, if someone hit him, oh, it was as if he was some innocent choirboy that was just being bullied. Yes, Gretzky had people to protect him, but Gretzky also did not deliver the dirty shots. Lemieux gave as much as he received. Maybe more.

Lemieux is such a hypocrite. He complains about how Crosby gets beat up, but then he associates himself with guys like Ulf Samuelsson, Matt Cooke, and Brooks Orpik. As a Hurricanes fan, I've witnessed two of my guys get taken out by vicious dirty hits from Pens players under Lemieux's watch. In our Stanley Cup run of 2006, Orpik boarded Erik Cole so badly that it broke his neck, and Cole never was the same player again. Cole was our #2 guy, right after Eric Staal. If that had happened to Malkin or Crosby, Mario would have gone through the roof. If Crosby or Malkin received the dirty hit that Marc Savard got from Matt Cooke, Mario would be crying to Bettman all day long. But, Cooke wouldn't have gotten that shot on Savard if Mario hadn't kept him, even after suspensions for dirty hits to Anisimov and Walker earlier.

In baseball, if a pitcher is a known headhunter, sometimes the opposing pitcher will go after a hitter for the headhunter's team in retaliation. Well, the Pens have had their share of thugs for years, so other teams make sure that they retaliate against the Pens' top asset: Crosby.

I think Crosby is a great player. But, I don't care for his complaining, especially when he is guilty of everything he complains about. I've yet to see Connor McDavid do any of this. I hope he never does. Believe me, if an Edmonton vs Pittsburgh final comes up next year (and it certainly might), this is one American that will be rooting 100% for the Oilers.
Matt Cooke, I was going to say don't get me started, but it's too late!

On his profile, it reads he was born in Belleville Ont, but he was actually born in Stirling, just north of there. My boss at work, who I have written about in this thread knows him and certainly doesn't speak highly of him!
He told me how his Dad/parents did everything for him to achieve his goal of playing in the NHL but he has given zero back to them,,,, ever! He is a real scumbag!
When he won the Stanley Cup with Pitts, he was going to bring the Cup to Stirling, as most players do with their home towns, but he never showed!
The town organized a parade, hung banners, got word out, etc, but sadly, without notification, Cooke nor the Cup showed up! Being such a small town, this was a big deal to them that one of their own won the Cup and was bring it home. People, to say the least were disappointed, but those that knew him, or of him, like my boss, weren't surprised in the least. They knew he was that kind of person.

Don Cherry hated him, and rightfully so. Cooke even went at Don Cherry, if you can imagine that, but Cherry did not back down and told him right to his face!

This is the best video ever of Matt Cooke. I just wish it lasted longer!

This is another one, Karma, what goes around comes around! Cooke deserved everything he got and was one of the most hated hockey players in the NHL at that time.

Keith, who is no angel himself, also got him good after Cooke tried the same
thing with him. I just wish, like Cooke did to Savard, that Keith's hit put him out for good!

I also believe, and nothing will ever change my mind, even though the NHL said it was accidental, that Cooke's slash to the back of Karlsson's achilles tendon was intentional.
People can watch and say, no way, but he was a cheap shot artist and I truly believe what he did, was intentional, premeditated and deliberate!

Speaking of Lemieux, and I agree with everything that you say, by the way, I was once told Gordie Howe grabbed him by his throat and brought him to his knees after he refused to sign some kids hockey cards.
Allegedly, Howe told him, these kids/fans pay your salary so don't forget that, and supposedly Lemieux obliged after that interaction with Howe.
Got too love Gordie Howe!
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