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Old 07-23-2019, 10:23 AM
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Default 1962 Jell-O Pudding Cards - Help

Looking for some help if I could from 1962 Jell-O set collectors.

In 1962, Jell-O issued cards on the back of its Gelatin flavors and additionally on 5 Pudding flavors. (In 1963 the company only issued cards on Gelatin flavors). There is no known listing of the various Jell-O boxes each of the players appeared on like there is with the 63s (and really all Post Cereal issues). As such, much less is know about this set. Several collectors are working on tracking a player to flavor listing individually based on seeing complete boxes on internet sites such as eBay. And while certainly positive, success has been limited. Hence today's request.

Cards from Pudding flavors are are a bit unique and can be identified separately for Gelatin flavor cards. They all (regardless of flavor) have a more glossy finish that is a bit dark. They also all have a gold color that is the background color to the statistics area of the card at the bottom (as opposed to a generally, but not always for some Gelatin flavors, a lighter yellow color). Pudding cards do not have a black-line border on the left side of the card, just the other three sides. So that is the start of this request in asking what cards in your collection that you believe could have come from a pudding box.

The second part of this request is if you can tell the pudding flavor of your card. And this is kind of a matter of luck and how the card was cut. All flavors of pudding had a bit of a different packaging design than their Gelatin counterparts in that rather than white coloring on the box outside the black border line (Gelatin cards), there was coloring in some places outside the edge of the Pudding cards. And if the card was cut outside the border in those specific places, you can tell it is a pudding card for sure AND THE FLAVOR OF THE PUDDING THE CARD CAME FROM.

Pudding cards were produced with a color outside the card on the entire left side and the top roughly top 60% of the card on the right side (outside top and bottom along with the bottom 40% of the right side of a coming from a Pudding flavor will be white. If you can see a color on a card in these places (and you may need a magnifying glass) then it came from a pudding flavor without question. Blue coloring ties to Vanilla Pudding. Pink coloring ties to Coconut Cream Pudding. Yellow Coloring means Lemon Pudding. Light brown is Butterscotch. And a darker burnt reddish is Chocolate flavor. I would estimate that in the neighborhood of 50% of pudding cards are cut in a manner that one can see some small portion of the color today.

Now there are some players that can fake you out a bit as they have the darker gold statistical background. Some of Elston Howard and Maury Wills cards come to mind. But I would not worry about that. The best way to tell if it is available is if the card has a left black border present in any part of the card ... which indicates it is not a Pudding card.

Hopefully this is clear enough. I am asking that collectors who have cards in this set, if you would be so nice as to examine those cards to see if any might be from Pudding flavors and if you can tell, what that flavor is. Not asking folks to go outside their own material. For example, I regularly and for a long time, have searched the internet for pictures of boxes that showed a flavor a player appeared on in the set. So no effort in this area necessary, just your own stuff.

Recognize that there is a very limited number of collectors of this set, so information is likely minimal. But figured can't hurt to ask. Thanks guys.
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