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Old 01-18-2017, 11:15 AM
Fuddjcal Fuddjcal is offline
Chuck Tapia
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Originally Posted by thetruthisoutthere View Post

I hate that Ebay allows "Private Listing/Bidders Identities Protected."

While he's selling forgeries, he's purchasing authentic autographs from Jim Stinson.

Check his "Feedback As A Buyer."

Back in the day, when I was exposing a ton for sellers on Ebay for selling forgeries, I observed 25% of them were using the funds from their sales of forgeries to purchase authentic autographs from UDA, Steiner Sports, etc.
a common trick that Tony "Don't call me Jorge" Podsada used to do. Sell his trash and buy PSA certed Mantles. LOL.

The seller is stuck with all his trash and where else but e-bay is the place to go with all your trash. I respect the man for telling his story here. Truth is, he should just take that garbage off period, smash that SH** with a bat in a trash can and move on. AND STOP SELLING PLAIN AND OUTRIGHT EASY TO SPOT FORGERIES. That would be ultimate respect
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Old 01-29-2018, 10:34 PM
NJDeepthroat NJDeepthroat is offline
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Default Tony Podsada

I can tell you a lot about Tony. I used to work fro him in NJ from 1989-1990. When Billy Martin died this guy got 500 Martin autographs like it was nothing??? He then did a run of 1000 Ali autos. One thing that was always strange is that the autographs looked the same throughout the run. People do not sign in such a consistent way.

I went with him and met Ken Goldin and his late father Paul at Scoreboard in Cherry Hill. Scoreboard seemed on the level to me as they had select autos and when they got Pete Rose via Mike Bertolini whom I met it was legitimate.

I don't have proof that MFP sold forgeries but when it is too good to be true this is usually the case.

I will say this that Tony had a mouth piece and knew how to use it but I would imagine that most of what he sold including the Mattingly auto balls he gave as presents were fake based on my experience.

Art S@rgi

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Old 02-01-2018, 09:52 AM
mr2686 mr2686 is offline
Mike Rich@rds0n
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Thought I'd throw my .02 in on the subject. First, I have purchased 3 autographs from Adam over the years (it's been several years since the last one), and all three were without question (in my mind and under magnification) to be authentic (of course, all three sigs I was VERY familiar with). Adam always had a good reputation and stood behind his autographs.
With that said, and after reading this thread, I just threw-up in my mouth a bit. Sorry Adam, but you can't keep your good reputation, and also stick your head in the sand. Yes, there are tons of fakes out there, but you should not be selling autographs that you haven't "taken enough time" to look at. Believe me, if the autographs in question are THAT easy to spot, then you either didn't look at all, your expertise is not what you think it is, or you knowingly passed them along...and I'd like to believe it's one of the first two rather than the last (although all are disturbing).
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