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Old 08-16-2018, 05:30 PM
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Ran.jh D.
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Default Funny Counterfeit Story

There is a guy who posts on this forum (don't want to say his name) and he likes purchasing cards from around the world. One day he purchased a Quigol Pele from a guy in Brazil. He made the mistake of sending him money through Western Union. When the card arrived, he realized the guy sent him a counterfeit. He still decided to send it to PSA though and they rejected it (good job, guys!) When he got it back, he tried to ask for his money back. Of course, the Brazilian guy refused (because he is a scammer, duh!)

Now instead of taking a 100 percent loss, he decided to list it on eBay. He did include the PSA rejection slip along with the card. When I saw it running, I immediately contacted him and explained that whoever buys it is probably going to try and scam another person with it. The guy, however, still let the auction run to the end, and it finished at around $200 USD.

Sure enough the winner was a scammer, and he listed it as authentic soon after. I immediately saw this and sent him a message. He started saying things like "I own a few authentic examples, and this card looks 100 percent the same like the others ... I don't have time to send it in for grading, blah, blah, blah ..." This guy was something else. I reported him to eBay multiple times, but they didn't do crap. Anyhow, there was another collector, who resides in the same country as the scammer, and he threatened to report him to the authorities. He eventually ended up taking the counterfeit Quigol Pele down.

A couple of months later the card was up again, and a few collectors pointed it out to me. I was going to contact him again, but then I thought "wait ... this is a freaking Quigol Pele we're talking about here ... NO ONE is going to buy it and not submit it for grading." So I decided to just leave him alone.

The card did end up selling, and I forgot about the whole thing for a few weeks. Then just yesterday, I decided to check out the guy's feedback, and guess what I saw? His FIRST neg! Well, actually, it was his mother's first neg. You see, this punk doesn't have an eBay account and decided to use his mother's. His mother sells mostly cheap clothing, but she's a good eBayer who had a flawless feedback (red star). Now just imagine the look on her face when she woke up one morning and saw that neg on her account - ouch! I really hope she gave this punk a belting. I had a really good laugh over this and I hope he learned his lesson.
Always looking to buy or trade for vintage hockey, soccer, boxing and non-sports.
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Old 08-16-2018, 09:47 PM
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Al Jurgela
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I have followed that card since it was sold the first time. I hate the fact that that there are always scammers out there. I have been ripped off for thousands of dollars in transaction through the years. Alsways a terrible feeling. Hope that this bastard gets his karma one way or another. I did not have a problem with the first seller. He sold it with the rejection label from PSA.
Al Jurgela
Looking for:
1910 Punch (Plank)
50 Hage's Dairy (Minoso)
All Oscar Charleston Cards
Rare Soccer cards
Rare Boxing cards
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Old 08-16-2018, 10:54 PM
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Default Scammers Are Awful!!!!

I got scammed by a seller in Mexico from eBay. He had some of what I consider legitimate cards because he had dozens of 'commons' and I bought the Pele from him from the set. That card I still think was good.

We corresponded directly after that and he offered me a half dozen Pele's that I had never seen before that were unique photos, so I assumed they must be real and I bought them direct. I sadly paid good money for them. When they arrived, they were all printed on thin paper and cut off-centered and I figured it was just how Mexican cards were, since I don't have many Mexican cards to compare to.

It wasn't until 6 months later when I was scanning a different card I bought off eBay from him that I compared my scan to others online and realized the cardstock was too thin (I could easily see the card front on the scan of the back, whereas the real cards you couldn't). That was when I started to look at the others I bought more closely and I found identical print marks across two totally different cards/sets and I realized they were all fake.

I was so frustrated! I waaayyy slowed down collecting for months because I felt like it was too risky and maybe I was wasting money

The guy has a bunch of negative feedback from selling vinyl records and cards that people have returned but eBay doesn't kick him off.

Moral of the story: Be very wary of cards coming from Mexico.
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Old 08-20-2018, 07:08 AM
Copa7 Copa7 is offline
Chuck Zso.lnai
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Default soccer cards fakes

Thank for your vigilant watch over these fakes.

I find it problematic but it's part with anything that the public feels has value (art, coins, cards stamps).

The tighter knit a community is, the less anything fake can get through.

I don't even like the idea of reprints (which are now plaguing the UK).
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Old 08-20-2018, 12:26 PM
Copa7 Copa7 is offline
Chuck Zso.lnai
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Great article on authenticity
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Old 08-26-2018, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Copa7 View Post

Real pieces/memorabilia exit out there that have been graded as fake. The same came be said about the opposite of that as well.

What a mess all this is.

I wonder how many legit pieces have been tossed/disregarded because owners believe the auto TPG/JSA?
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