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Old 03-09-2018, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by darwinbulldog View Post
I'm sure that is true. Probably 90% of Americans know who Donald Trump is, but surely it's less than 99%. For starters, I have both a son (2) and a grandmother (89) who don't know who he is.
Count them as lucky
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Old 03-09-2018, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by oldjudge View Post
Count them as lucky


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Old 03-09-2018, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by oldjudge View Post
Count them as lucky
A political joke!!!! Pure hilarity!!!!! Are you a professional comedian?? You must be! How did you come up with that amazingly insightful and oh so intelligent quip all on your own???
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Old 03-09-2018, 03:58 PM
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Just took my wife through the same exercise. She has been victim to me + 2 sons and lots and lots of ballgames on television over the years plus our collecting gene. She said I wouldn't know 90% of these names if it wasn't for you. I was actually surprised how many yes's she had

Babe Ruth 99% Y
Muhammad Ali 99% Y
Jackie Robinson 99% Y
Pele 99% Y
Lou Gehrig 95% Y
Mickey Mantle 95% Y
Joe Frazier 80% N
Roberto Clemente 80% Y
Joe DiMaggio 75% Y
Ty Cobb 75% Y
Shoeless Joe Jackson 60% N
Wilt Chamberlain 50% Y
Bill Russell 50% N
Jack Dempsey 30% Y (this one was a big surprise - she said that she recognized the name)
Joe Louis 30% Y
Rocky Marciano 30% N
Jim Thorpe 30% Y
Jack Johnson 25% N
A.J. Foyt 25% Y
Richard Petty 25% Y
Honus Wagner 15% Y
Satchel Paige 15% Y
George Mikan 10% N
Rogers Hornsby 3% N
Christy Mathewson 3% N
Walter Johnson 3% N
Bobby Jones 2% N
Bronko Nagurski 2% N
Josh Gibson 2% N
Georges Vezina 1% N
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Old 03-09-2018, 04:36 PM
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Hockey esp older hockey stars going to be very small percentage. Gordie Howe would be a good one in midwest Mr Hockey is pretty well known in Hockey Town. But rest of US? Miken again Mr. Basketball in land of 1000 lakes greatest laker is well known but outside Minnesota?
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Old 03-09-2018, 05:26 PM
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Funny timing on this -- the NHLPA just did a survey of current players to find their opinions of the best among their ranks
and the best of all-time in various categories. As fans of hockey, as well as baseball and football (and former
beer-league players in the first two sports, in our much younger days), we engaged in some cordial argument
as to how disappointing or surprising (or not) was the players' knowledge or ignorance of their forerunners and
their game's history. This is the game to which they've devoted their lives, you'd expect them to know better, said one,
but almost all of these guys are under 30, they don't sit around reading about the game's history, countered another,
and a quarter of the players are Russian or European, you can't expect them to know NHL history, added the third.
Anyway, except for the obvious (and, ironically, correct) selection of Orr as best-ever defenceman, every other other guy
among the Top 5 on the All-Time lists (including the also correct choice of Gretzky as best forward, and excepting Dryden
among goalers) played well into the 1990s. Not even icons like Howe, Richard, Hull, or Esposito get a perceptible nod
among the list of forwards, for example, or Plante or Bower among goalers, let alone any guys at all from the pre-expansion era.
Clearly the NHL and the hockey media do a shamefully horrendous job (no surprise at all) of keeping the game's history
(even its relatively recent history) alive.
The few other hockey fans here can observe and argue:

So as we were gathered at one guy's home for another session of dice baseball, and between innings
discussing the NHL Poll and this Net54 thread, we decided to ask the resident Missus how many names she recognized
on Stampsfan Bob's list -- recognition biased by the fact that she knew in advance that this was a list of athletes,
not famous people from any field of endeavour, but recognition affirmed by whether she could name their sport.
It should be noted all parties involved are, um, let's just say well past 60, that the Missus was not a sports fan
of any real stripe until she was married, but that she's had to watch sports with her husband, in person and on TV,
and listen to him rattle on about baseball, hockey, football, and his sports memorabilia for over thirty years.
And now, the results of that trial:
Yes, and the sport they played, to every name on the list except for Bill Russell, AJ Foyt, George Mikan, and Bobby Jones.
Yes, but unsure of the sport ("football?") for Josh Gibson.
Based on posts subsequent to the OP and a few additions of our own, she was also asked about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
Lew Alcindor, Larry Bird, Usain Bolt, Jim Brown, Juius Erving, George Foreman, George Halas, John Heisman,
Gordie Howe, Bruce Jenner, Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Diego Maradona, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Orr, Jesse Owens,
Arnold Palmer, Jerry Rice, Cal Ripken, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ronda Rousey, Wanderlei Silva, Mark Spitz, Lawrence Taylor,
Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, and Cy Young.
She nailed every one of 'em except for Silva (none of us had ever before heard the name either) and Halas,
except that she didn't know Jenner's sport ("diving? swimming?"), and didn't recognize Heisman's or Maradona's names
but immediately guessed their sport (we couldn'a told ya what Heisman was famous for besides the trophy, either,
although we coulda told ya all about Pop Warner and Knute Rockne). She was also able to provide a vague thumbnail history
of the Black Sox scandal, although she thought it was from the early 1930s.

Conclusion from this corner: she is every bit as smart as her hubby always says, she actually does listen to him
contrary to what he always says, and aside from that, pretty much no one under 40 knows or cares the least little damn thing
about anyone or anything whatsoever that happened more than a few months ago, dadgummit, by cracky.
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Old 03-09-2018, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Huysmans View Post
A political joke!!!! Pure hilarity!!!!! Are you a professional comedian?? You must be! How did you come up with that amazingly insightful and oh so intelligent quip all on your own???
Be careful. Political comments are a no-no on the board. I am sure Leon will chime in on this. My thought is as to both comments, not just yours.
'Integrity is what you do when no one is looking'

"The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep

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Old 03-10-2018, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by TanksAndSpartans View Post
The football fans I know don't have much sense of history. I have a photo of Halas and Nagurski and none have recognized either, but have at least heard of Halas once I explain the photo. Forget the general population, I would say only about 1% of football fans have any sense of anything that happened before the 1st Super Bowl.
John, I'd have to disagree with the bolded portion of your quote. All my guy friends, save for one, are football fans, and I think most all of them at least know some of the more famous names of the pre-Super Bowl era.

I pulled up a list of the greatest players of the pre-Super Bowl era I found on Bleacher Report, listed by decade, and I know a majority of them. The ones I've bolded, I've at least heard of.

The 1920s

1. Red Grange
2. Jim Thorpe
3. Ernie Nevers

4. Paddy Driscoll
5. George Trafton
6. Mike Michalske
7. Cal Hubbard
8. Pete Henry
9. Joe Guyon
10. Link Lyman

The 1930s

1. Don Hutson
2. Bronko Nagurski

3. Mel Hein
4. Dutch Clark
5. Clarke Hinkle
6. Arnie Herber
7. Johnny "Blood" McNally

8. Dan Fortmann
9. Joe Stydahar
10. Cliff Battles

The 1940s

1. Sammy Baugh
2. Steve Van Buren
3. Sid Luckman

4. Bulldog Turner
5. Bill Dudley
6. George McAfee
7. Tony Canadeo
8. Charley Trippi
9. Marion Motley
10. Bob Waterfield

The 1950s
4 OF 10
1. Otto Graham
2. Dick "Night Train" Lane
3. Chuck Bednarik
4. Gino Marchetti
5. Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch
6. Johnny Unitas
7. Jim Brown
8. Emlen Tunnell
9. Sam Huff
10. Norm Van Brocklin

The 1960s

1. Jim Brown
2. Johnny Unitas
3. Dick Butkus
4. David "Deacon" Jones
5. Gale Sayers
6. Bart Starr
7. Forrest Gregg
8. Ray Nitschke
9. Bob Lilly
10. Merlin Olsen
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Old 03-10-2018, 12:45 PM
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Have to admit I am one of those who only knows Vezina from an avatar also.

I knew everyone else fairly well, but I am also leaning toward the majority of folks having no idea. I would think many have heard of Babe Ruth, however if I just showed a photo and asked who it was, I would think the correct answer may be less than half of respondents on a really good day.

I think the Mikan thing may just be not as much interest in early NBA, much like my Vezina knowledge. My 17 year-old son has a 52' Mikan Wheaties card and a framed auto in his card display and can bet he could list off at least 5 minutes of facts and stats for him to anyone who asked.

It's just what folks deem important to themselves. I would assume my vintage sports knowledge is fairly down the list of importance to most people. I can't identify a soul if I pick up checkout magazine of rumors, however my wife can tell you every last one and their dating history.
- Justin D.

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Old 03-10-2018, 07:48 PM
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Here are my wife's answers. Sports except for 49er football, was not very prevalent growing up in her household.

Babe Ruth 99% - yes
Muhammad Ali 99% - yes
Jackie Robinson 99% - yes
Pele 99% - yes
Lou Gehrig 95% - yes
Mickey Mantle 95% - yes
Joe Frazier 80% - yes
Roberto Clemente 80% - yes
Joe DiMaggio 75% - yes
Ty Cobb 75% - yes
Shoeless Joe Jackson 60% - yes
Wilt Chamberlain 50% - yes
Bill Russell 50% - no
Jack Dempsey 30% - no
Joe Louis 30% - yes
Rocky Marciano 30% - yes
Jim Thorpe 30% - yes
Jack Johnson 25% - no
A.J. Foyt 25% - no
Richard Petty 25% - no
Honus Wagner 15% - yes
Satchel Paige 15% - yes
George Mikan 10% - no
Rogers Hornsby 3% - no
Christy Mathewson 3% - yes
Walter Johnson 3% - no
Bobby Jones 2% - no
Bronko Nagurski 2% - no
Josh Gibson 2% - no
Georges Vezina 1% - no

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