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Old 05-19-2018, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by D. Bergin View Post
Never been a big fan of pro wrestling other then a novelty to me here and there, but I remember Brock making a big impression on me when I just happened to stumble upon one of his earliest TV appearances back in the day.

This big hulking dude, who nobody really knew who he was yet, walked up to the ring during his entrance and did a straight up vertical jump from the floor to the elevated canvas, before he went in and manhandled whatever sacrificial lamb they threw in there with him. I had never seen anyone do that before, let alone a guy as big as him. I'm about 170 lbs and I can barely get 6 inches off the ground.

Steroids or not it was fun to watch, the same way it was fun to watch Barry Bonds hit a baseball from 2001 to 2004. It shows what the human body is capable of, with help or not.

I tried finding it on YouTube but it isn't there. I missed his first appearance on Raw but saw his first on Smackdown in 2002 and I immediately called my dad and said Holy Sh++ there is a new wrestler Brock Lesnar and this guy is going to be the next champ. He was insane. As you said he jumped on the apron and had a build like I had never seen before in wrestling. There had been plenty of big guys but no one with the size and muscularity of Brock. I was hooked from that minute forward. It was such a huge let down when the rumors of Brock leaving became true. How could this guy that was just a natural for the business and with the fastest climb to the top ever quit??? I continued to follow all of the headlines that surrounded him but not getting to see Brock was disappointing.

I have worked out religiously since I was 14 and you can't get as big as Brock naturally. He has tremendous genetics and so without the assistance of steroids he is a still a very large guy but it isn't remotely possible to achieve the physique he had in his early years without a lot of help. It is easy to pack on some size if you eat a ton and lift frequently but not with definition. I think most people who lift have gone through the phase of trying to get as big as they can but in reality that means a much larger waist for most and it defeats the purpose. Cut muscles look better than large but soft. You can tell currently that Brock is off the juice because that is where he stands now. He is big but a loft softer and this is fueling speculation he is going to make another run in the UFC so he has to stay clean for awhile. I personally have never taking any steroids and don't take any supplements but I just expect it at the professional level. There are so many athletes from all sports that are on stuff. I spoke to a guy who was a lower level MMA fighter and he said 90% or more of the guys are on stuff. It just is what it is. When you know your competition is taking it and the financial rewards and fame are what they are it just fuels the behavior.

In the ring Brock is a machine. People have no idea how much energy it takes to belly to back suplex and 250+ plus human time and time again. He also is a mercenary which I love. Wrestling is a tough sport and yes everyone knows it is predetermined but Brock isn't afraid to take real shots and is more than happy to deliver them. He is just awesome.

In 2014 for Halloween we were downtown Orlando where I live at a nightclub and were in the VIP room by the DJ booth and it had access to the dance floor via these little balcony's. There were a group of large people and it turned out they were working for WWE in NXT. One guy was huge and was dressed as Wonder Woman. We got to chatting and I showed him some cards on my phone and he was super cool. For several years I tried figuring out who it was and it turned out it was none other than Braun Strowman. If anyone questions Brock's toughness all one must do is watch this clip.
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Old 05-19-2018, 05:54 PM
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That was my sense of it, too (sort of all over the place), so I understand why others would be hesitant to run straight auctions on eBay. And based on my limited understanding of the various sets, it looks like the 1982-83 set is really the only recent one with much of a track record as far as producing somewhat consistent values.

I can see the market getting more stable with other sets as people that grew up watching it in the 1980s and 1990s boon get a little older. The 1989/90 Classic cards seem to do well when it comes to unopened product and 1985 and 1987 Topps/OPC have somewhat of a following, too. Getting in early on that 2002 set, which you did, seems to be a great idea as it holds several key rookies.

I don't know where the values will go from here and, as I said, I'm mostly a baseball guy. But I'm having a lot of fun with the wrestling cards and am enjoying them regardless of the price right now. I'm a big WWE fan and, for some reason, collecting them never entered my mind until only recently.

Originally Posted by Dpeck100 View Post
I was the first person to sub any of the WWE Royal Rumble cards to PSA. I had no real idea on value and just thought they had good potential and would be great additions to my collection.

The wrestling card market is all over the place. I am one of the few people who will run straight auctions and unfortunately many of my cards have been flipped shortly there after for two times as much or more in a BIN. There is so little history on many of the cards in graded form that pricing is all over the place and so are sales. The only set with any somewhat established consistent values are the Wrestling All Stars and those too do better in BIN in many cases.

I have self submitted quite a few of my own cards which has been helpful in developing my collection. I love the thrill of finding raw cards and then sending them in and scoring high grades. For a few years from 09 to probably 11 I was buying just about every Wrestling All Stars card that came to market and was fortunate that graded wrestling cards were in their infancy. I hit tons of 8's, 9's and some 10's but finding super nice raw cards that make their way to EBAY now is few and far between.
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Old 05-20-2018, 06:57 AM
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With wrestling cards for the most part it is card specific. There are quite a few sets with a few cards that matter and the rest are kind of an after thought. The same with 80's baseball. One of the nice appeals to wrestling cards is the sets are smaller and the number produced is dramatically smaller than traditional sports cards from the same time frame. Interest is really growing and while I don't think anyone thinks they will ever be as heavily collected but because the supply is so much smaller it really helps with holding price. Just Friday I paid good money for the Pop 1 1986 Carnation Ric Flair PSA 10 and will be getting it in hand this week. As much as the last open market sale of the 1982 Wrestling All Stars PSA 10. There are lots of cards that are extremely touch condition wise and make for some nice rarities. A few weeks back I paid very strong prices for two 1976 Yamakatsu cards from Japan. There is some really cool material out there.
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