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This page contains a list of the various works members of our community have published.
Prepared by Barry Arnold, Barry Sloate & Brian McQueen

Articles Covering Pre-War Baseball Card Sets

Member Name Publications
Kevin Andrews
"The 1935 R321 Goudey 4 - in - 1's: Solution to all Nine Puzzle Backs" - Old Cardboard #2 - Winter 2005
Barry Arnold
"The Centennial Celebration of T206: A Collector's Personal Reflections" - Spring 2009 vol.4 issue 3,pp. 4-7, SGC Collector Magazine
Jon Canfield
1. "T206 Brands: The 16 Backs and How They Were Packed" - Old Cardboard Issue #3
2. "1887 N184 Kimball Champions: 19th Century Athletes & Artwork" - Old Cardboard Issue #13
Al Crisafulli
One on 1938 Goudeys, one on HOF collecting, one on 1939 R303s, one on "hobby finds," and one on T206 collecting, all from SGC Collector.
Mike DeNero
1. "The 1958 NFL Championship Game 50 Years Later: Why the 1952 Bowman Large Football Set is Superior to the 1952 Topps Baseball Set", SGC Collector Magazine, Spring 2009
2. "Cigarettes, Hollywood Starlets, and Nazis: The Historical Tale of the Garbaty Film Stars Sets", Classic Images (vintage movie magazine), June 2009
3. "Cigarettes, Hollywood Starlets, and Nazis: The Historical Tale of the Garbaty Film Stars Sets", Card Collecting News, scheduled to appear in two parts in the October and November 2009 issues
4. "Charlie, Bob and Me & The 1953-1955 Johnston Cookies Milwaukee Braves Sets", Old Cardboard, scheduled to be published in March 2010
Judson Hamlin
A couple of articles in the old VCBC- T206 backs, 19th century stars not is the HOF and a review of the Philly show.
Dave Hornish
1. "Topps First Decade of Baseball Cards, Part 1: The Regular Issues of the 1950's", Old Cardboard #12, Summer 2007 pp 16-23.
2. "Topps First Decade of Baseball Cards, Part 2: Novelty & Test Issues of the 1950's", Old Cardboard #13, Fall 2007 pp 23-29.
Mark Marlow
"T205 Gold Border Player Acquires New Identity", Old Cardboard Magazine, #14, winter 2008
Bob Marquette
"What Were They Thinking-The T207 set" - VCBC #30
Brian McQueen
"1903-04 E107 Breisch-Williams: The Historic Set and It's Sponsor" - Old Cardboard, Issue #4 released on 7/15/2005.
Tim Newcomb
Two part survey on the T207 set in VCBC
Recent article on the M116 Sporting Life set in Old Cardboard
Jeff Obermeyer
“Obak Backs Again", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, March/April 2001 (#26)
“Obak Backs Revisited", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, January 2001 (#24)
“Obak Backs", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, February 2000 (#22)
“T212 Obaks: Who Are These Guys?", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, Sept/Oct 1997 (#12)
“B18 Blankets: A Closer Look", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, May/June 1996 (#6)
Scot Reader
"Inside T206: A Collector's Guide to the Classic Baseball Card Set," Centennial Ed., 2009, Self-Published (Earlier version published across several issues of Sports Collector's Digest in 2006).
Download for free at:
Barry Sloate
1. "Baseball's First Cards: Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods Trade Cards
2. "The Glorious T206 Set: A Little Piece of Hobby Heaven" ( I wrote this with Judd Hamlin)
3. "The Joseph Hall Studio Cabinets"
Jerry Spillman
1. "1902-1911 W600 Sporting Life Cabinets" - Old Cardboard (Issue #8, Summer 2006)
2. "19th Century Baseball Currency " - Old Cardboard (Issue #1, Fall 2004)
3. "1908-09 PC760 Rose Co. Postcards" - Old Cardboard (Issue #15, Summer 2008)
Chris Stuffelstreet
1. "1973 Topps Photography: A Closer Look." SGC Collector Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Fall 2005, Pg. 16.
2. "Ballplayers on the Tube: The Story of the 1955 Bowman Baseball Set." Sports Market Report (SMR), May 2007, pg. 140.
Erik Varon (published book)
Adam Warshaw
1. "1920s Exhibit Cards: A Collector's Paradise", VCBC #17
2. "A Checklist Of The Postcard Back Exhibit Baseball Issue", VCBC #26
3. "A Checklist Of The Postcard Back Exhibit Baseball Issue", VCBC #26
4. "Baseball goes to the movies...exhibit card style", Old Cardboard #5
Jay Wolt
T3 article for SMR and N284 & T201 articles for SGC magazine.
Richard Wong
"Toy Town Post Office" - Old Cardboard #15
Ted Zanidakis
1. "Mysteries of the 1949 Bowmans Explained" (6 pages) ; 1983 Baseball Cards magazine
2. "Exploring the Mysteries of the 1948 Bowman FB set" (2 pages) - 1984 SCD
3. "1952 Bowman Large Football set" (6 pages) - 1985 SCD
4. "1953 Bowman color set" (5 pages) - 1986 Baseball Cards magazine
5. "1949 Bowman Pacific Coast League set" (co-authored with Mark Macrae) - 1997 VCBC
6. "1949 Bowman Color Variations" (2 pages) - 1998 VCBC
7. "1888 Goodwin Champions set" (4 pages) - 2001 VCBC 8. "1949 LEAF GUM BaseBall set" (8 pages) - 2006 Old Cardboard

Articles Covering Pre-War Baseball Memorabilia

Member Name Publications
Mark Marlow
1. "Analyzing Grand Old Images - A Close Look at Two Photos From the Deadball Era", The National Pastime, #28, June 2008
2. "Zooming in on a Great Old Photo", The Baseball Research Journal, #38, Summer
David Rudd "davidcycleback"
1. "Collecting the Photographs of George Burke" - Beckett Graded Card Investor
2. "Guide to Sports Photographs" - (Hamerweit Books)
Barry Sloate
1. **Two New Finds Added to the Canon of Baseball Artifacts
2. Mort Rogers and His Famous Photographic Scorecards
3. Rare and Historical Baseball Books, A Survey of the Game in Print 1744-1921.

Articles Covering Pre-War Baseball in General

Member Name Publications
Jon Canfield
"Baseball & Tobacco" A guide to collecting early baseball related cigarette and tobacco packs (First and Second Editions, self-published)
Mike DeNero
"Card Prices Among the Economic Chaos",, Nov. 14, 2008,
Leon Luckey
1. Contributor to Krause SCD Baseball guide
2. Contbributor to Beckett Almanac - Western Playground set.
3. Contributor to Jon Canfield's book on cigarette packs.
4. Contributor to ErikVaron's Sweet Recollections - Philadelphia Caramel Co.
5. Article on SGC grading of rare cards for 19thCenturyOnly website.
6. OldCarboard magazine article - 1949 Cleveland Sun Photo series.
7. Featured in Beckett Vintage magazine for an in depth interview.
Mark Marlow
Quarterly "Mystery Photo" column for SABR's Pictorial History Committee
Jeff Obermeyer
"So You Want to Design a Web Site", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, April 2003 (#35)
"Insuring Your Collection", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, July 2001 (#28)
"Hall of Fame Induction Bats", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, May/June 2001 (#27)
"The Books that Shaped the Hobby", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, December 1999 (#21)
"Hobby Publications: An Historical Look Back", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, February 1999 (#18)
"A Look Back at the American Card Catalog", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, Mar/Apr 1997 (#10)
"A Brief History of Tobacco Cards", Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector, Sept/Oct 1996 (#8)
Jeff Schwarz
"Inside: Gum & Candy Wrappers of the 1930's, 40s & 50s - Part 1" Old Cardboard, issue #20 and Part 2 which will be published in Issue #21 coming later in 2009.
Barry Sloate
1. Harry Wright Scorebooks
2. "The Jefferson R. Burdick Collection: Its History and Importance "
3. "A Survey of 19th Century Type Cards"
4. "A Baseball Tribute: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper Honors Jim Creighton"
5. "A Survey of 19th Century Type Cards"
6. "A New Find: National Association Scorebooks Discovered"
7. "Atlantics in the Rockies: Newly Discovered Image is Earliest Known Baseball Carte-de-Visite" (written with Mark Rucker)
8. "Was that Really Jim Creighton?" (written with Corey Shanus)
9. "The Day the Red Stockings Tied"
10. "The Barry Halper Auction: A Look from the Inside"
11. "Oldest Professional Ballplayer"
Jerry Spillman
1. "19th Century Tobacco Base Ball Cards and Related Cigarette Packs" - March 25, 2005 SCD
2. "19th Century Baseball Currency " - Old Cardboard (Issue #1, Fall 2004)
3. "Vintage Tobacco Signs advertising cigarette brands that contained baseball cards." - Old Cardboard (Issue #4, Summer 2005)

Articles Covering Players from the Pre-War/Postwar Era

Member Name Publications
Brian Powell
"A Tale of Three Treasures" - August 14, 2009 SCD (Issue #1503).
Barry Sloate
1. "The Three Wise Men of Baseball: A Photographic History of Alexander Cartwright, Henry Chadwick, and Harry Wright"
Chris Stuffelstreet
1. "Those Who Served: Baseball and the Military Through WW1." Old Cardboard Issue #2, Winter 2005, Pg. 29.
2. "The Third Major League." SGC Collector Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Summer 2005, Pg. 9.
Erik Varon
Adam Warshaw
"The Saga of Solly Mishkin", Old Cardboard eNews #31

Card Authenticity/Alteration

Member Name Publications
David Rudd "davidcycleback"
1. "Sports Card Counterfeit Detection 101: Direct Comparison" - MEARS Articles
2. "Tips for Identifying Altered Posters, Signs and Sports Cards" - MEARS
3. "Collecting Sports Prints by The Masters: How and Where to Do Your Homework" - MEARS
4. "Cycleback’s Authenticity Quick Tips Part 1 & 2" - MEARS
5. "Black Light: A Tool for Identifying Fake Paper Memorabilia" - MEARS
6. "Looking at Sports Cabinet Cards" - Game Used Universe Expert's Corner
7. "How to Identify Old Judge Reprints" - Game Used Universe Expert's Corner
8. "Judging the Authenticity of Early Baseball Cards" - (Hamerweit Books)

Grading Card Companies

Member Name Publications
Adam Warshaw
"1. "PSA's Sportscard Market Report: An Analysis of Deception", VCBC #11
2. "PSA's Revamped Sportscard Market Report Put To The Test", VCBC #19
3. "What Do Grading Services Really Promise?", VCBC #30

Ebay / Auction Houses

Member Name Publications
Adam Warshaw
1. "So You Want To Be An Ebay Dealer?", VCBC #30
2. "Broadway Rick's Scam Zone", VCBC #33

Non-Baseball Related

Member Name Publications
Murray Greig
1. monthly column on vintage hockey collectibles/history for Canadian Sports Collector magazine from 1990-98
2. Several articles to The Hockey Research Journal, published annually by SIHR
3. Contributing editor for vintage hockey and boxing autographs and publications for the third edition of SCD's Standard Catalog of Sports Memorabilia
Mike DeNero
1. "America's Great Boxing Cards" (boxing card encyclopedia), currently in 5th edition
David Rudd "davidcycleback"
"Science Meets Football: Harold Edgerton and Wes Fesler" - Gridiron Greats
Adam Warshaw
1. "Introducing the Finest Known 1958 NFL Championship Game ticket Stub", Gridiron Greats, scheduled for Fall/Winter 2006
2. "Chuck Taylors, Musty Gyms, the Hardwood, and the Emergence of a Legend: The 1957-58 Topps Basketball Set", available in our April 2009 e-Newsletter