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camaro69 11-27-2020 06:43 PM

1951 Ring Side Boxing set Completed !!!
Set completed!!! :D

LuckyLarry 11-28-2020 04:56 AM

Such a great set! I'm also down to five cards and our lists are similar although I somehow have #55 Bob Fitzsimmons (pictured above the stack) and need #67. Good luck in your quest!

camaro69 11-28-2020 06:12 AM

And our sets look similar in condition. I can get them all on eBay but I think that some want too much for cards that are in terrible condition. Good luck to you getting your set completed.

camaro69 04-16-2021 04:43 PM

Down to just 3 cards. PLMK

camaro69 04-18-2021 07:51 PM

now only two more to go. Thanks.

camaro69 05-13-2021 06:56 PM

Decided to upgrade two cards so my list is back to 4 cards. PLMK

Exhibitman 05-21-2021 04:19 PM

I have these available:

camaro69 06-09-2021 06:07 PM

Just one more card. PLMK.

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