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clamendo 12-26-2021 06:10 PM

First ever Cincinnati Bengals Player Card
In the October 2015 Mile High Card Auction sold a very rare group of 1954 Lincoln Chiefs that came stapled on the outside of the packaging of Weaver’s Wafers. In that same auction there was a singular card of 1955 Nebraska Cornhuskers football card of Ken Kunes bought by me. In 1954 they issued the same set comprised of the Nebraska football team. I was able to acquire a few. Not known by many, buried in the set was the coach, Bill Glassford. Bill played on the 1937 Cincinnati Bengals!! This was the inaugural season of the Bengals which Paul Brown years later would name the team. They were part of the short-lived AFL II (1937-1942). After Joe Burrows performance today, I thought it be neat to show it. Enjoy!!!

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ksfarmboy 12-29-2021 11:45 AM

That pretty neat being a lifelong Bengals fan. Love the cards too, Dan Bretta first brought the baseball set to my attention.

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