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aelefson 01-13-2022 06:10 PM

Topps Pro Football and Tee
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I recently acquired the Topps pro football and tee pictured below. Is this made by/for the Topps card maker? Or, is there a Topps athletic goods type company? If it is the familiar Topps, was it some sort of wrapper redemption? Does anyone know what year it might be from? Any information that can be provided is greatly appreciated.


fadads 01-13-2022 08:50 PM

I think they are from Topps department store. It was a small chain, not related to Topps Chewing Gum. According to wikipedia they started in 1956 and the last stores closed in 1974.

aelefson 01-14-2022 05:45 AM

Thank you! That looks to be exactly what it is. I wish it was the card company, but this makes more sense. I thought I had hear about a Topps store like this but when I was searching online I kept looking for Topps Athletic or Topps Sporting Goods and not Topps Department store. I see the information about the company now. It makes much more sense, especially with the price tags on it. I really appreciate your help!


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