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skelly 01-08-2012 07:35 PM

What happened to Beckett the Magazine...
I was looking at the Beckett Monthly the other day in a book store. I realize that times have changes, but Beckett Baseball/football used to be the greatest. As a kid you would be so excited.... The articles, the up and down arrows, hot and cold lists... I realize SMR has taken the place of beckett somewhat, but I think Beckett could still carve out a niche. Cover bigger shows, interview dealers and collectors, articles of things like how the topps cards were distributed ( 1 vs 5 cent packs ) Collecting of the empty wax boxes etc... I don't know, anything would be better than what it has become. Does anyone still buy this publication. Really seems pointless unless you collect newer cards. Any thoughts.

mintacular 01-08-2012 07:41 PM

The Internet
The Internet, back during the print era you relied on them to print their silly prices, now you can do it much more quickly via the web

freakhappy 01-08-2012 08:02 PM

I can totally relate to you...I used to love Beckett Monthly, but these days, it's tough to keep up with the internet and technology as a whole. I loved the hot and cold section, the great articles that included the pulls people had, and the "funnies" in the back section. We all know now that Beckett price guide is just a very loose guide to what a card's worth...even the SMR is pretty loose at times. But before the internet boom, Beckett wasn't too far off on the prices. The internet made cards very accessible and prices came down after that...I give credit to Beckett and what they used to have, just near impossible to be that consistent these days on a guide.
I used to be subscribed to Beckett graded quarterly and about a couple years ago I got a message saying they were shutting it down and not producing it anymore. I was pretty upset because I've always liked Beckett and I used it as a reference, but now I understand that it was inevitable.

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