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Leon 05-11-2011 01:31 PM

so there I am
So there I am ....sitting at a red light going to get me some lunch today, minding my own business and all of the sudden....KAPOW....a big SUV hits me from behind. I am in my 2008 Accord, so no big deal. I get out, the lady (of course :)) gets out....she is really nice and we both pull over. She openly admits she just wasn't paying attention. It only made 3 little marks on my bumper and I am sure it would have cost about 2k to get it I just told her it was no big deal and I didn't want to do anything. We both drove off. That was the 3rd time in about 8 yrs I have been hit from behind. What is it with people not paying attention while driving and rear ending people? Hopefully someone would be that kind to me in that sort of situation...but who knows. Just thought I would rant a little. Man, it hit fairly hard for no damage...which was a testament to those bumpers I guess.

barrysloate 05-11-2011 01:54 PM

Was she texting or using a cellphone?...and sorry to hear about your mishap.

D. Bergin 05-11-2011 02:17 PM

Just last year my wife and I were sitting in our car after a concert, waiting for all the traffic to clear out, and we got rear ended while we were parked.

Young girl/woman with a bunch of her friends in the car tried to pass somebody else where there was no room to pass, and just grinded the side of her car across our back bumper. Nearly picked our small SUV off the ground.

We're like "What The Hell"..........and she just kept driving. Because of the traffic I was able to jump out of the car and chase her car down on foot, banging on the back of her trunk, trying to get her to stop. Her friends were waving her on to keep on driving (what are friends for, right?).

I got her license plate and called a report in to the cops.

We got a new bumper and some time lost out of the deal, from her Insurance company, once they tracked her down.

The Young Lady for her troubles, got a rude middle of the night visit from the cops at her parents house, a charge of hit & run, points against her license, and I imagine (though I'm no insurance adjuster) a huge increase in her Insurance premiums.

All she had to do was stop and it would have been a minor traffic incident the Insurance companies could have easily taken care of. :confused:

k-dog 05-12-2011 07:43 AM

Same thing happened to my mother back in 2007. She was hit twice in a 6 week period. People just need to pay more attention. Glad no one was hurt.

ChiefBenderForever 05-12-2011 08:07 AM

She was probably shy and this was her way of hitting on you. She was probably devastated when you didn't get her number or giver her yours !

dstraate 05-12-2011 08:17 AM

After three collisions in a year, my wife has taken to being chauffered by me. Strangest thing is, I was in the passenger seat for all three, and though there were mitigating circumstances for each, (being cut off, tire blowout, elk). I just can't believe that we would have wrecked with me doing my best Richard Petty impression. Oh well.

Sorry Leon, that's no fun

carrigansghost 05-12-2011 08:30 AM

5 years ago, I got hit twice in the span of two months. Once while pumping gas into my truck, it had a heavy duty bumper, no damage. Then while unloading returnable cans out of the back seat of my car. Parked both times. Now the good part...........both times by the same person. He no longer drives.


D. Bergin 05-12-2011 12:46 PM

Back in college I rear-ended a woman in a junker on my way to school. She had slammed on her brakes right under a green light while getting off a highway exit.

I had been looking at the light and didn't see her quickly brake in front of me. I hit my brakes but it was too late and I lightly dinked her rear bumper. No damage to either car.

She jumps out of her car........."Did you see that guy standing in the road?" she says................there was no guy. :mad:

My friend is also getting off the same ramp on his way to school and sees the whole thing. He stops and sticks around for when the police show up. The woman I hit is walking around like nothing is wrong.......then all of a sudden she goes........"I better get back in the car, for when the police show up".

Cop shows up, I tell him what happened and he goes and talks to the woman in the car. He comes back to talk to me and says "The woman requested an ambulance." My friend and I can't believe it.........she was just flitting around here a second ago. The cop is sympathetic, notices there's no damage to the cars and doesn't even give me a ticket. I think he gives me a written warning for following too close because he has to, since there is a report filed.

He knows what's going on but can't do anything about it. He says it's the law, when somebody requests an ambulance, you have to send for it, regardless of the circumstance.

I call my insurance company and tell them the story, they say they'll take care of it, don't worry. A few months later I get a letter from them telling me they settled for some ridiculous amount, like $25,000 or something. I was pissed. I knew this lady and her lawyer must have just scammed them for the cash.

Funny thing was, I was expecting my Insurance rate to skyrocket because of the big payout, and it never did. I think it went up very slightly or stayed the same if I remember correctly. :confused:

mark evans 05-12-2011 05:47 PM

It's happened to me twice here in D.C. suburbs. I sure hope you don't get a sore back.


teetwoohsix 05-12-2011 08:14 PM

Too many crappy drivers out there...........
I know this story too guys would not believe the amount of people who will drive straight into the rear end of a parked bus that has it's hazzard lights blinking and everything !!! I don't know what some of these people are doing with a driver's license.....

When I used to live in California, my wife and I were driving home from having dinner. I was heading south into a four way intersection and I had the green light and was going between 35-40 MPH....a teenage girl was in the left turn lane facing north (music blasting, possibly on a cell phone)....right before I entered the intersection, she pulls out in front of me, sees me, and STOPS !!!

Like a deer in the headlights....I slammed on my brakes and T-boned her car...couldn't help it- it all happened so fast. Her car spun around 3 times and landed up on the sidewalk and my whole front end was smashed in, could barely open the doors.

Come to find out, it was her parents car.......luckily they had insurance. I have had a screwed up back ever since. To this day I still appreciate the lady who was behind her in the turn lane, because she pulled over and waited for the police to come (to be a witness for me),,,and then even gave me her phone #.....she was so awesome to do that.

barrysloate 05-13-2011 09:54 AM

There are too many drivers gabbing away on cellphones while speeding down the highway. As long as that continues we will have more accidents, not fewer. And even worse are the texters. People caught doing either while driving should have their licenses suspended ( I'll cut a little slack for those bluetooth devices).

Leon 05-13-2011 11:47 AM

don't think so

Originally Posted by barrysloate (Post 893326)
Was she texting or using a cellphone?...and sorry to hear about your mishap.

I don't think she was on any device at the same time. Right where it happened they had opened an In and Out Burger the same day. There was a huge frenzy so that might have had her distracted.

And Mark..... I thought the same thing about latent back pain but alas, none of it. However, the impression of a license plate and a little hole is on my bumper. Not that big of a deal. When it happened it did scare me a tiny bit as it was a fairly big jolt.

Jay Wolt 05-14-2011 09:09 AM


they had opened an In and Out Burger
Leon glad you weren't hurt but at least she had a good excuse.
Had an In & Out in Vegas a few years back, great chain.
Would love for them to come East

D. Broughman 05-14-2011 03:38 PM

I worked for a Road Commission for 28 years the last 9 was supervisor. I had a crew replacing a culvert that was bad. A lady in a van went past two men working signs, around a road closed ahead sign, the road closed sign, past two trucks with flashing lights and by a Gradal that was digging out the old culvert and ended up in the hole that was dug. Luck was with us knowone got hurt. A couple years later my boss called me and wanted to know why my crew wasn't at the job site. I was ready for him to give me a hard time when I told him we had a problem and wouldn't be there tell the next day. He said good and I should come over to the site. When I got there a Semi had went through several road closed signs with flashing lights and jumped the bridge we were going to replace knocking all his axels off the truck and landing on the other side. I ask where the driver was and they told me he was on his way to jail but was so high they didn't think he knew what was going on. Thank God we were a day behind. My crew would have been in his path:eek:

39special 05-14-2011 04:03 PM

Being an autobody tech for the last 25+ years,I would say 50% of our business is front and rear bumper repair.Unfortunate for the customer,it costs anywhere from $700 to $1800 depending on the extent of the damage.Fortunately for me,more money for cardboard!

Browncow75 05-24-2011 09:13 PM

There might as well not be any side or rear view mirrors on cars here in St. Louis. People either ignore them or dont know how to use them! I cant count the number of times on the highway that other people have just put on a blinker and immediately began to change lanes, without noticing that I am RIGHT in the path of their vehicle. Ive had 1 speeding ticket and 1 accident in the last 8 years. The speeding ticket was because I got caught passing a driver in the far left lane doing 45 (I was a little frustrated and apparently 75 was a little too much speed to get away with while passing lol), and the accident was when I T-boned an elderly man and his wife in the rain when he pulled out of a gas station about 100 feet in front of me, trying to beat traffic to get to a restaurant across the street! I hit him doing 40 in a 45, and he and his wife were unhurt. I, on the other hand, had lacerations to my forehead, a fractured eye socket, and internal bruising. WITH my seatbelt on, and airbags!!


benderbroeth 06-27-2011 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by carrigansghost (Post 893531)
5 years ago, I got hit twice in the span of two months. Once while pumping gas into my truck, it had a heavy duty bumper, no damage. Then while unloading returnable cans out of the back seat of my car. Parked both times. Now the good part...........both times by the same person. He no longer drives.


i think this one is the best so far.

Brendan 06-28-2011 01:20 AM


Originally Posted by benderbroeth (Post 904229)
i think this one is the best so far.

I once saw something as a little kid that I still laugh at.

I was at a gas station, in someone's van. A car goes to the curb and waits for a chance to go out onto the busy street. From behind, while the vehicle is waiting, a car smashes into it. Not the worst ever, but there were some decent dents. You would expect them to get out of their cars and exchange information, but instead, the car who rear ended the other car backed up.

There are a few possibilities now.
  1. The guy backs up and tries to drive away (insurance...???)
  1. The guy parks and does what he should do
  1. The guy drives backwords, then steps on the gas and drives into the car infront of him for the second time.
Yep, it's 3. He hit the car in front of him, got in reverse, then went back into drive and hit the car again.

Jcfowler6 07-10-2011 10:00 AM

Last year I took the kids to the county fair. Someone smashed in the side of my minivan. They must have forgotten to stop and take responsibility for it. Cause I found it like that when I came back to it at the end of the day.

Kinda sucks that after a day of looking at rabbits and pigs and earing a doodling corndog I had to see that.

And yes I ate the corndog in front of the pigs.

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