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Frankish 06-04-2021 12:51 PM

Gordie Howe photo/premium help needed
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Is anyone here familiar with this photo? Looks like its from the late 40s. Given the name and number (99) I'm guessing it is part of some series of premiums or team issued photos?

Anyway, I've dabbled in hockey photos for a little while but haven't seen this one. Any help is appreciated!

Jim F 06-04-2021 02:42 PM

Could be a mail order photo. There were a few different sports magazines which had ads to order photos. I have not seen this style before but most seemed to have some type of numbering that coincided with the order form.

Frankish 06-04-2021 08:01 PM

Thanks, Jim. I hadn't even thought of mail order. Will add that to my research list.

If anyone else recognizes the photo, please chime in!

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