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frankbmd 04-03-2019 09:19 AM

Weather Apps - Whether they matter
In the age of smartphones and artificial intelligence it seems like everybody has an app for the weather forecast. Everyone knows how cold it will be, and how hot it will be, and whether or not it will rain or snow. The weather forecasts on the apps and the tube however are not identical.

What I find unusual is how defensive my buddies are regarding their weather apps. If I mention some aspect of the (my) forecast to a group of friends, invariably it will be countered immediately with a contradictory forecast.

With something so illusory and inaccurate as a weather forecast, why is virtually everyone convinced that their weather forecast is more accurate than yours.

By the way there is a 60% chance of rain a week from Thursday.:D

smrtn240 05-11-2019 06:34 PM

You're right. I like to try out different apps and forecasts to find the right one for me. I don't think there is one. I'm a golf course superintendent so I rely on a solid forecast daily to plan for my next day.

Should have been a weatherman, they get paid the same rate to be wrong 70% of the time :)

JollyElm 05-13-2019 01:45 AM

Late in the fantasy football season a few years ago I was fighting for the last playoff spot and desperately needed a win to get in. I was heading out of town, so I had no choice but to finalize my lineup on Saturday night. I checked all the on-line forecast sites for the games my players were in, and seeing there was no inclement weather expected, I decided my best bet at QB was Matthew Stafford going against the Iggles. Sunday afternoon came and I was finally free, so I put on the TV in the hotel room and what did I see?? The game in Philly was buried in an absolute blizzard. It looked like I was watching a live video feed from the ice age in Siberia. The forecast absolutely screwed me as Stafford only got about 5 or 6 points, instead of his usual 25+. I lost by a mere handful of points, didn't get into the playoffs and have cursed weathermen ever since. :mad:

steve B 05-13-2019 12:37 PM

The weather app on my phone is pretty hopeless.

It only updates the temperature every 6 hours or something like that. So I get up, it says it's 40 degrees, put on a jacket and step outside into 65+ . because the last temp update was at like 2 AM.
Manually updating means somehow touching the pinhead sized circular arrow logo near the temp on the screen. I'm not sure whose fingers they designed that for, but it sure wasn't mine.

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