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daves_resale_shop 04-01-2021 04:56 AM

1983 gooden lynchburg-is this a counterfeit?
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Ive been looking for a single copy of this card for awhile to put with my gooden-less team set. I won this one last week on ebay from a reputable seller. Got the card yesterday and immediately noticed that the gloss was flatter and had inconsistent spotting at the corners. At first i thought maybe the corners were worked or pressed but than when comparing it to other cards in the set i found the following:
1-the card was shorter
2-the image was dull or flat in mature
3-the card stock was totally different (gray scale is a different tone).

My gut says counterfeit, but i was hoping to get some opinions here...

Started the returns process but havent heard back from the seller yet...


Jim65 04-01-2021 05:20 AM

Hard to say without seeing it in hand but there are definitely counterfeits of 1983 Gooden and the 1982 Jackson Mets Darryl Strawberry.

If the card feels different and the image is duller, go with your gut.

I just looked at my set and every back is exactly the same shade.

daves_resale_shop 04-01-2021 06:08 AM

Thanks Jim,

The 1984 clemens pawtucket has also
Been faked... based on the fact that the card is anout an 1/8th of an inch short i should have grounds for a return...

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