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LEIDEMEG 02-14-2021 02:23 PM

Holy cow, I think this Jordan rc was real!
Looks like someone got the deal of the century. Upon closeups the seller sent, everything looked correct?

LEIDEMEG 02-14-2021 02:25 PM

I love his comment in the description
ďI am going to keep the Thomas stickerĒ

Econteachert205 02-14-2021 02:38 PM

Itís been re listed.

LEIDEMEG 02-14-2021 02:40 PM

You think itís real?

Peter_Spaeth 02-14-2021 02:57 PM

i got this from a storage locker sale. i didnt open the pack so i can not guarantee they are real

ya think?

hockeyhockey 02-14-2021 03:06 PM

the 0 feedback is always a good sign that the card is fo real

LEIDEMEG 02-14-2021 03:56 PM

Perhaps this time yes. But 0 feedback was the situation 2 years ago on a raw Jordan rookie sticker that ended up a PSA 9 and a collection of 456 raw T206 cards from a collection I purchased in 2012 on eBay for $6,000(all graded and since sold, wish I still had them)

cardsagain74 02-14-2021 10:57 PM

Obviously the story is so bad it's like satire for typical fakes.

But the OP is right. If that card isn't real, it's one hell of a fake. I can't see the details of the basketball on the lower right of the back, but the many other telltale specifics of a real Jordan all appear good.

Any experts want to chime in?

Jewish-collector 02-15-2021 12:09 AM

Hard to say. A first step is to go thru this guide in detail:

mickeymantle 02-15-2021 09:47 PM

That card is definitely fake, it isnít even a good fake either

cardsagain74 02-16-2021 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by mickeymantle (Post 2069186)
That card is definitely fake, it isnít even a good fake either

It passes every visible test from this site (which is well-known for its accurate article about counterfeit '52 Topps Mantles and other subjects). Most of the info there is seconded at other sites that get into such detail about it, including the one linked just above me.

Unless you are able to zoom in more on the basketball at the bottom right on the back (and can see if that fails its test), I don't know what legit basis there is for your claim.

Joeybats 02-17-2021 06:43 AM

Jordan rookie
For me, the red on the top of the card back just doesn't look correct.

Qa 02-17-2021 07:29 AM

It certainly does pass the eye test. Wish the close-ups were closer. Just wondering if this auction is ripe for a bait-and-switch.

cardsagain74 02-17-2021 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by Joeybats (Post 2069661)
For me, the red on the top of the card back just doesn't look correct.

You're right. The red there looks too light.

GD it's tough to catch everything on these. I can't imagine buying one raw nowadays.

Exhibitman 02-18-2021 07:11 PM

It is all risky as prices rise. I got a fake Jackie Robinson Bond Bread card late last year. I had to side by side it with a genuine one to determine that it was a re-screened halftone print (e.g., a halftone print made from a card rather than from original art). Otherwise it looked good. The seller clearly knew it was a fake too because he refunded me immediately w/o even a return.

JoeWillyMammoth 03-12-2021 08:17 PM

Looks like he had 4 of them???!!

JoeWillyMammoth 04-02-2021 01:05 AM

Isn't this a bit, um, odd?

murphy8276 04-04-2021 02:53 AM

100% fake. There is a key part of the card that is there that shouldn't be. It is the absolute definitive way to determine real vs fake. This one fails.

Hope they get their $1500+ back.

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