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samosa4u 06-14-2019 09:48 AM

Toronto Raptors 2018-19 NBA CHAMPIONS

Last night we won our first championship. Everyone is going crazy here.

The Warriors are such a good team. They were giving us problems right to the end even though they were missing Durant and Klay Thompson (two of their top players). When Klay went down last night, I just couldn't believe my eyes. The basketball Gods definitely wanted us to win this one.

It's also amazing that Kawhi Leonard did what he did. We took a big chance with this guy considering he was injured during the past couple of years. It's pretty crazy - he would be sitting on the bench watching the Warriors take his team apart, however, this time the Warriors were injured and he ripped them apart! Paybacks a b*tch! :D

Anyways, there are going to be so many things to watch for over the summer. Will Kawhi remain in Toronto or go back home to sunny California? If Anthony Davis goes over there, will Kawhi want to join him? Also, what's going to happen to Durant and Thompson?


barrysloate 06-14-2019 11:32 AM

One of the strange things about the series was that Golden State lost all three of its home games. I would bet that has rarely happened in a seven game series. You can lose two if you get swept, but losing three is an anomaly.

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