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slidekellyslide 05-03-2021 06:32 PM

Shaq Topps rookie error?
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Has anyone ever seen this before?

Big J 05-03-2021 07:26 PM

Is one of them possibly a card that came with his rookie starting lineup figure? I know that Topps had cards in the package with the 1992-93 basketball players.

slidekellyslide 05-03-2021 07:40 PM

The starting lineup rookie cards all have "starting lineup" printed on the front of the card.

Big J 05-03-2021 08:03 PM

Oops. Yeah, I forgot about that. Good luck trying to figure it out. Hopefully it's something really rare for you.

Cliff Bowman 05-03-2021 10:36 PM

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Cool print error card. I know nothing about 90's cards especially basketball, but as soon as I saw it I figured it was the top of the uncut sheet. Sure enough, I was able to find an uncut sheet and the O'Neal is on the top (or bottom) row. I have seen other Topps baseball sheets where cards on the top or bottom row have similar print flaws. I looked through hundreds of the O'Neal card on eBay and COMC and didn't see another one. The other ten players on the same row as O'Neal should have the same print flaw, but who knows how many sheets were printed with the flaw before it was caught. ETA, one sold yesterday May 3 on eBay for $23 at 4 PM, too bad I didn't start looking sooner.

JustinD 06-11-2021 10:43 AM

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Most definitely a true reoccuring error.

I was able to find a copy to add myself -

Cliff Bowman 06-11-2021 11:43 AM

There should also be the same print flaw of the other ten cards that were on the top row with Shaq. Christian Laettner, Todd Day, Tom Gugliotta, Robert Horry, Tracy Murray, Tony Bennett, etc., but I was never able to find any.

Cliff Bowman 06-11-2021 06:16 PM

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The only ones I can find are in the eBay sold section :mad:. Here is a PSA 9 that sold for $101, but what is interesting about this one is that the print flaw extends further than the other examples, it goes well below the Topps logo.

JustinD 06-12-2021 05:59 PM

Interesting that the “experts” at PSA looked right at it and saw nothing, lol.

As soon as I saw this post I started looking, a reoccurring error on one of the most important basketball rookies of the past 30 years is a nice find. I saw mine ASAP after it was posted and got it for a 35 dollar best offer. Super happy to check it off before it becomes well known.

JustinD 06-17-2021 10:03 AM

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After researching this, I believe the reason for not finding matching cards is that the error originated on the O'neal card. Most likely it was a chemical spill on the black plate that spread over the print run of (?).

Here is a card in my collection showing the earliest sign of the "blacklessing" near the hand extending into the border.

Attachment 464527

Next we have a card that sold last night I missed out on. This card shows the "blacklessing" extending from the original point.

Attachment 464528

Third we have the full top error of spread on this card in my collection -

Attachment 464529

The extended PSA error you showed a couple posts ago would be the next phase of this.

Cliff Bowman 06-21-2021 11:19 AM

With that evidence you are probably right that it doesn't affect all eleven cards along the top row but I would say it is very likely that it at least partially went into Robert Horry to the left of Shaq and Christian Laettner to the right of Shaq.

Cliff Bowman 06-21-2021 12:11 PM

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I found a Laettner with the print flaw across the whole top of the card so that leaves the possibility that more cards other than Shaq were affected on the top horizontal row of the sheet.

JustinD 06-22-2021 10:43 AM

Awesome, i'll add to the search.

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