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flkersn 07-14-2013 10:12 PM

1952 Topps Super Set
Huggins and Scott has a complete 1952 Super Set up for bid in its August auction. Any thoughts?

Cardboard Junkie 07-14-2013 10:57 PM

No Yellow House?:( Dave

flkersn 07-14-2013 11:03 PM

Actually if you read the write-up it has an additional 29 card variations including the House, three Campos, two Mantles, Robinsons, and Thompsons. It's loaded.

Zach Wheat 07-14-2013 11:34 PM

52 Super Set
I saw the set description and thought it was a lesson in persistence. Pretty cool set but still missing the mid series gray back glossies.

ALR-bishop 07-15-2013 06:25 AM

I think a case can be made for 4 Campos cards...regular, black star, partial black star, and missing upper right front border

I have not seen the list of 29, does it have all the regular gray backs but not the glossy versions of them ?

pawpawdiv9 07-15-2013 07:22 AM

start bid: 25,000

What constitutes a Super Set? Much like other beloved series such as the 1909-11 T206 White Borders, the 1952 Topps edition offers many tiers of collectability. Most hobbyists are content with a complete series of (407) cards. A handful of others have completed a master set of (490) cards including both color backed variations for the first series along with the addition of the recognized Page, Sain and Campos rarities. Even fewer have achieved the completion of a "Super Set" which is bolstered by the scarce (60) #131-190 Canadian gray back variations. With both a Weighted GPA and Set Rating of 6.36, good for third place on the competitive PSA Registry, the offered 1952 Topps Baseball Super Set of (550) cards plus (29) uncatalogued variations including a second Mickey Mantle rookie card is the only confirmed offering in the industry that is 100% complete. With the prospect of any of the (29) color/printing variants being eventually recognized by the grading service, this masterpiece will afford the winning bidder the opportunity to secure a truly comprehensive super set without the daunting task of chasing further additions to the checklist.

The overall condition breakdown for all (579) PSA graded cards is as follows: (5) PSA 9 (four qualifiers), (5) PSA 8.5, (80) PSA 8 (24 qualifiers), (30) PSA 7.5, (219) PSA 7 (five qualifiers), (18) PSA 6.5, (133) PSA 6 (two qualifiers), (2) PSA 5.5, (40) PSA 5 (one qualifier), (3) PSA 4.5, (24) PSA 4, (11) PSA 3, (1) PSA 2.5, (2) PSA 2, (1) PSA 1.5, (5) PSA 1 (one qualifier). Highlights include:

#1-80 Black Low Numbers: (91 cards, includes both catalogued and nine uncatalogued variations) with (6) PSA 8: (two qualifiers) with #26 Irvin (Brown Background; (30) PSA 7: (one qualifier) with #11 Rizzuto (only 8 better), #36 Hodges, #37 Snider; (32) PSA 6: #49 Sain (Page Bio); (7) PSA 5: #1 Pafko, #48 Page, (Sain Bio);

#1-80 Red Low Numbers: (83 cards, includes three uncatalogued variations) with (1) PSA 8.5: #14 (only two better); (11) PSA 8: (five qualifiers) with #67 Reynolds; (25) PSA 7: (one qualifier) with #11 Rizzuto, #33 Spahn, #65 Slaughter; (23) PSA 6: #1 Pafko;

#81-310 Backs: (244 cards, includes one catalogued, 13 uncatalogued variations) with (3) PSA 9: (all qualifiers) with #88 Feller (oc, Clear Stats in Background); (4) PSA 8.5: #184, 265, 284, 289; (43) PSA 8: (eleven qualifiers) with #129 Mize (only three better), #195 Minoso (only eight better), #200 Houk (only 6 better), #250 Erskine (only two better); (13) PSA 7.5: #268 Lemon; (127) PSA 7: #88 Feller (Fuzzy Stats in Background), #175 B. Martin RC, #216 Ashburn, #261 Mays; (40) PSA 6: #191 Berra; (5) PSA 5: #307 Campos (Partial Black Star on Back); (2) PSA 4: #307 Campos (Black Star on Back); (1) PSA 1: #307 Campos (Border Break, Top Left);

#131-190 Canadian Backs: (60 cards, several with none better, most have single digit total populations) with (1) PSA 8: #183 (none higher); (1) PSA 7.5: #177 (none higher); (4) PSA 7: (two qualifiers, all none higher, unless noted) with 138, 139 (oc), 145, 146 (oc, one better);

#311-407 High Numbers: (101 cards, includes four uncatalogued variations) with (2) PSA 9: (one qualifier) with #355 Morgan (oc), #364 Sukeforth (only one better); (19) PSA 8: (six qualifiers) with #312 J. Robinson (Stitches Left), #313 Thomson (Stitches Right, only 8 better), #342 Labine (only 8 better), #364 Lavagetto (only seven better); (7) PSA 7.5: #312 Black, #373 Turner, #394 Herman; (33) PSA 7: (one qualifier) with #311 Mantle RC (Stitches Left), #313 Thomson (Stitches Left), #392 Wilhelm RC, #396 Di. Williams RC, #400 Dickey; (26) PSA 6: (one qualifier) with #311 Mantle RC (mc, Stitches Right), #314 Campanella (Partial “R” in Major on Reverse), #407 Mathews RC; (3) PSA 4: #312 J. Robinson (Stitches Right) and (1) PSA 3: #314 Campanella.

For display quality and preservation purposes, this set is stored in two custom made Pennzoni wood display boxes. To access a complete list of all base cards, variations and their respective grades including notes for low pop cards, please follow the link to the spreadsheet provided on our website.

Zach Wheat 07-15-2013 08:13 AM

52 Mid Series Glossy
No they were not included in the list above.

Z Wheat

ALR-bishop 07-15-2013 10:24 AM

52 Color Variants
This one is mentioned in the list

SMPEP 07-15-2013 11:08 AM

I strenuously disagree with many of these
I totally disagree with those that claim there is a Baumholtz with light tan and Brown (and I own both "versions"); Irvin; etc.

YES, the cards look different.

BUT what is going on in this cases is NOT a variation as much as a difference in when the card came off the press. EVERY single card in this set can be found with "color" variations. This is because the first few sheets off the run got heavier inking than the end of the run. The card was not modified in anyway, it just was the first sheet through the press and got heavier color.

I urge folks not to go crazy over these new color "variations".


ALR-bishop 07-15-2013 12:25 PM

color variants
Patrick---I do not disagree with you that minor color variants in the printing process are not true variations, but some collectors still accumulate them and note the differences. To each their own.

Two good examples in the 52 set are the Crandall red v orange and the Feller clear lines or hazy. Neither is really a variation, but they have had hobby recognition among some avid 52 collectors for some time.

Several of the cards in the H&G super set are of the minor color variant or stray ink dot variety. But they are recurring defects/differences and fun to run down anyway...if you have the inclination.

In any event, you have to admire the effort and dedication that went into building that set

SMPEP 07-15-2013 12:33 PM

Crandall and Feller
Hey Al,

Actually, I fall in the camp that the Feller and Crandall ARE variations. The Feller is very hard to spot - but I did finally get one that does not have lines and I have one that does have lines.

The Crandall could be more subjective I suppose, but I do have a verion that is red (with a pale face) and orange (with a oranger - is that a word?) face. It's hard to tell unless you have both cards in hand though.

And I also have the Baumholtz "variation" (and others). In all of the ones I have, it is an over abdunce of ink on the "variation" card that comes from being on the first sheet in a run.

I do agree that folks are free to collect as they wish - I'm just trying to put out a caution that many of these colors variations are not a variant by design or intention, just rather based on when the card came off the run.

Personally, I love the bolder colors of those cards that came off the first sheet(s) in the run. Some of them make the card look nicer in my opinion. But I still don't call it a variation.


ALR-bishop 07-15-2013 01:42 PM

Agree with you completely. I have the two Fellers. Never have been able to find what I think are two distinct Crandalls. Since I look at these as unintended print differences they don't fit my personal definition definition of a variation, but I collect print errors and variants as well if they appeal to me...even if they are no more that what Doug likes to call "glorified print dots" :)

savedfrommyspokes 07-15-2013 03:21 PM

The complete run of the alleged "Canadian" back cards that is included is a very impressive addition to this set.

tigerfan 07-26-2013 05:58 PM

I see that this set starts bidding on Monday, starting at $25k. Any thoughts about what it will go for?

I talked to the auction house and they are going to display it at the National. Should be cool to see! If any of you visit it, I would be interested in your reactions.

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